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Tiffu 2020-03-09 10:56
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After spending little around 13Hours into the game, I feel like there are some issues in regards of combat mechanics that need to be addressed so hopefully this game gets better in the upcoming CBT / OBT, here are few issues that I and my friends agreed need to be addressed :

- Crowd Controls mechanics:

 I don't know whether this was intended or not but currently players can get infinitely Crowd Controlled, to the point that they won't have the chance to even move, even when both players have no gear equipped, For example, a combo between Gerhard Shultz and Ahon Kirus can potentially infinitely CCed their opponents nonstop until they die without even giving their opponents chance to move, because of how the CC system currently works, I think a good solution to this is to make the CC system more like Black desert where if you get a certain amount of CC then you will be immune to any types off CC for a period of time. I don't know if they have implemented this or not, but if they are, in my opinion currently it doesn't work as intended.


- Grab skills rework :

 This game is less like the Black desert Online in which the Black Desert combat system is more fast pace with a lot of movement skills, dashes, protection, etc. So it makes a lot of sense where some classes have protected grab so it makes it possible to do engagement to the enemies without risking your life, but Shadow Arena has a very slow combat pace in comparison to BDO, currently, there are two Heroes who have grab in their skill set, and both are extremely overpowered against almost every hero, they can easily grab and then land damage, deals knockback, deals another damage skills, and then by that time their grab skill is already off cooldown and then they can grab again and then do the same chain again and again, and the opponent would have no way to run because of how stamina in this game works, so they are forced to fight, but they can land CC because the Grab skills are protected, and they get grabbed instead. (PS note: I am both a  victim and perpetrator in this act because I am a fan of Badal the Golden but no matter how much I like him I feel kinda bad for my opponents especially to Yeonhwa, Herawen and orwen because they have no way of fighting back, and I always hate when I have to fight other Badal or Shultz player ), I believe that the grab skills need to be rebalanced either get a longer cooldown or removed the Super Armor protection. 


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