[Game Guide] Hero Mastery
ShadowArena 2020-02-26 00:00


Each hero has their own Mastery.


You can gain Hero Mastery experience based on your rank after each match ends. 

Mastery can go up to Lv. 10.

30 – My Rank + Random 1~20 = Hero Mastery Experience acquired

※ If above calculation is 0 or lower, you will not gain Hero Mastery EXP.

e.g.) 30 - 37(My Rank) + 2(Random) = -5 (Gained 0 Hero Mastery EXP)

e.g.) 30 - 5(My Rank) + 8(Random) = 33 (Gained 33 Hero Mastery EXP)

In addition, you can acquire Skill Stones each time your hero’s Mastery increases. Use Skill Stones to enhance your hero’s skill of choice.

☞ Skill Enhancement Game Guide [Click here]

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