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[Basic Combo]

1(Iron Pulverizer) - RMB(Gatekeeper) - 2(Slashing the Dead) - Basic Attack - F - Basic Attack - 3(Grave Digging) only the first hit - 4(Blood Flurry)


- Using skills consumes your HP, so managing your HP is of utmost importance. You will recover HP when you hit enemies with your skills, so this hero’s mastery will be determined by how well you can connect the skills.

- This is a strong hero for 1v1, but is at a disadvantage in a larger brawl. When you enter battle, be wary of taking on several opponents at once.

- When casting RMB(Gatekeeper), 2(Slashing the Dead), and 3(Grave Digging), you will not be affected by any CC skill. This includes the stun effect from enemy players’ Dark Shifts.

- Goyen is the most compatible hero with the matchlock. When you hit the enemy with a matchlock, it easier to connect 1(Gatekeeper). Then you can continue the rest of the combo and send your opponent to the brink of death and defeat them easily.

- Elixir of Life is the best Altar item for Goyen.



Badal the Golden

[Basic Combo]

4(Golden Gate) - RMB(Asura Tread) then LMB - Basic Attack - After Asura Tread LMB - Basic Attack - 3 hits of Enhanced 3(Thunder Breaker) - 2(Sleeve Tangler) - F - Basic Attack - 4(Golden Gate)then immediately follow up with Enhanced 1(Helix Cannon)


- 4(Golden Gate) gives a beneficial passive effect while its maintained, so it’s important to keep it up.

- Badal is especially weak against long-range heroes. So, stay away from battles that seem to lack an obvious advantage.

- While using enhanced 3(Thunder Breaker) you will gain the Super Armor effect. Use this to ignore your opponent’s skill effects and counter attack.

- Use 2(Sleeve Tangler) to easily counter attack as its cast time is extremely fast. You can even counter with this skill while Shultz’s 1(Gate Breaker)and Yeonhwa’s 4(Red Moon) are being cast.


Gerhard Shultz

[Basic Combo]

RMB(Unleashed Beast) - 1(Gate Breaker) - 2(Rock Smash) - 4(Bestial Howl) - Basic Attack - F - 3(Sausan's Tremble) - 1(Gate Breaker)


- Shultz’s worst hero to match against is Badal. Only engage with him when your equipment and skills are completely superior.

- Make sure 1(Gate Breaker) and 2(Rock Smash) hit your opponent to heavily impact the outcome of your battle.



Ahon Kirus

[Basic Combo]

RMB(Phantom Raven) then RMB - Basic Attack - F - Basic Attack - 3(Shadow Explosion) - 1(Dark Mark) - 4(Sun of Destruction)


- Ahon Kirus is a mid-range hero, who can turn the tide of battle to her advantage when on higher ground.

- RMB(Phantom Raven)can be seen as her beginning and end. During the cast, she becomes invincible for a moment. So use this to evade or approach the enemy.

- Use 1(Dark Mark) and 2(Resonating Shadow)to keep enemies at bay from afar. If they get too close, use 3(Shadow Explosion) to continue your combos!

- If you hit your enemy with 2(Resonating Shadow)and stun them, use RMB(Phantom Raven) then RMB again to close the distance and continue your combos.

- The projectile speed of 1(Dark Mark) is rather slow. Predict the enemy’s next path of movement when using this skill.




[Basic Combo]

1(Head Shot) - RMB(LMB after Fallen Flower) - F - Basic Attack - 4(Red Moon) - RMB(LMB after Fallen Flower) - Basic Attack - 2(Clairvoyance) - 3(Bond Cut)


- Yeonhwa is a quick hero with a long range. This allows her to keep fighting both in melee and in range.

- Knowing how to use 2(Clairvoyance) well can drastically improve her chances at winning.

- 3(Bond Cut) is great for hit and run tactics.




[Basic Combo]

1(Thunderbolt Arrow) - 3(Twin Fairy Arrow) - RMB(Natural Marksman) - 2(Arrow Storm)


- Orwen is a hero that truly shines in ranged combat. Be sure to be on higher ground to take full advantage of her skills!

- Plant 4(Explosive Trap) in the vicinity before engaging in a fight.

- After planting the trap, engage the enemy with ranged skills and use Shift + ← → (Evades) to reposition yourself constantly.

- F(Kick) has Super Armor(CC immunity). So, it is ideal to use on enemies that get too close. Use it to ignore the opponent’s skill effects and knock them down before trying to create some distance.

- It is much harder to hit a moving target with an arrow, so try to keep track of your target’s stamina.

- Stun Trap is a great item that pairs well with Orwen’s skill set.



Jordine Ducas

[Basic Combo]

2(Shield Charge) > F(Kick) > 4(Spinning Slash) > 3(Formation Break) > 1(Spear of Serendia)


- Jordine is a defensive melee hero. It is important to stick close to your enemies during combat.

- RMB(Shield of Heidel)and 2(Shield Charge) can be used to defend against enemy skills. Use them well to negate enemy skills and take the upperhand.

- 4(Spinning Slash)is a very powerful yet slow skill. Use this when the enemy is down, stunned, or CCed to make sure it connects.

- F(Kick) can be used immediately while RMB(Shield of Heidel) is active.




[Basic Combo]

RMB(Shadow Step) - 2(Uproot), when it connects then follow up with LMB - 3(Thunder Rip) - Basic Attack - F - Basic Attack - 1(Heart Stab) - 4(Mirage)


- Haru is a hero that draws out the battle and suffocates enemies slowly. She is ideal for hit and run tactics, which is a stark difference compared to Goyen who can crush enemies with a quick combo.

- Before entering a fight, press RMB(Shadow Step)to stealth and try to get behind your target.

- It’s important to deal damage while avoiding your enemy’s attacks. Therefore, don’t stay around after finishing your combo. Runaway from the fight and use RMB(Shadow Step) to chase them down. Then wait patiently for the perfect chance to go in for the kill.

- When 1(Heart Stab) hits, a mark will appear on the enemy for 2 seconds. Hit the marked enemy with 4(Mirage) to deal additional damage.

- Matchlock is a great item for Haru to make up for her lacking damage.

Matchlock Combo: ( 2 - 3 - Matchlock - F - 1 - 4)




[Basic Combo]

1(Seed of Ice) - 2(Ancient Dragon's Breath) - F - Basic Attack - RMB(Fairy Flame)


- Herawen is a ranged hero that boasts a major advantage while on higher ground during combat.

- It’s important to try and get as much damage in with RMB(Fairy Flame) and 3(Thunder Viper) before the enemy gets too close.

- 2(Ancient Dragon's Breath) and 3(Thunder Viper) are ranged AoE skills that can hit multiple enemies.

- Herawen isn’t well-suited for melee combat, so it is crucial to keep enemies at a distance.

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