[Game Guide] Types of Consumable Items
ShadowArena 2020-03-03 12:40

Besides just skills and equipment, there are consumable items you can use to defeat or escape from your foes at critical moments.

Check them out below!

HP Potion

· Effect : Recovers 2500 HP over 8 sec.

· Cooldown : 15 sec.

Elixir of Swiftness

· Effect : Increases movement speed +25% for 15 sec. 

· Cooldown : 1 min.


Eat a sandwich to recover your health. Performing another action while eating cancels the buff.

· Effect : Recover 6000 HP over 30 sec.

· Cooldown : 30 sec.

Quick Tip❗ While you can recover a lot of HP over 30 seconds, make sure to stay hidden away from enemies when doing so! 

Vigilance Elixir

· Effect : Reveals all enemies within 500m distance for 10 seconds.

· Cooldown : 1 min.

Stun Trap

· Effect: Install a trap which stuns enemies who step on it. Stuns enemy for 5 seconds.

· Cooldown: 20 sec.


· Effect : Equip a matchlock that can be shot once, inflicting 2000 damage upon hit and knocking over the enemy. 

· Cooldown: 20 sec.

Quick Tip❗ Take aim to take down fleeing foes! We recommend mixing it in between skills.

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