GM Notes [GM Note] [Beta] Tips to Help You Enjoy Shadow Arena!
ShadowArena 2020-03-05 15:10


[GM] Goyen here!


Take advantage of these various features in Shadow Arena to make your battles more enjoyable! 


① Hide the UI [Ctrl + U]

Press Ctrl + U to hide the UI. With the UI hidden, you can take awesome screenshots of Shadow Arena! 

* Press Ctrl + U again to unhide the UI.



② Adjust Camera Effects 

In the System Settings > Game Settings > Camera Effect menu, you can “set the intensity of camera effects according to the hero's action”. Try adjusting the screen shake until it is perfect for you.  


③ Rotate the Camera without Changing Direction [Mouse-Wheel Click]

After pressing the Mouse-Wheel, you can freely rotate your camera to check your surroundings without changing the direction your hero is moving in. Use this when you need to check for enemies while running away or just want to see your surroundings. 


④ Buffs for Defeating Opponents

You’ll get the following buffs for defeating the competition. But, make sure to locate and attack nearby foes before the buffs run out!  

 - Super Armor for 5 sec. (Immune to CC)  

 - +500 DP buff for 5 sec. 

 - Aal's Eye for 10 sec. (Detect nearby enemies on the minimap) 

 - Recover 8,000 HP over 30 sec. 

※ If you defeat an opposing hero in the first 4 minutes of a match, you can gain an additional +20 AP buff as well.


⑤ Lock-On [ALT]

While targeting (Target Cursor UI) an enemy, you can press ALT to lock your targeting cursor on them. All your basic attacks (LMB) and skills will now be towards whatever direction your targeting cursor is locked-on. 

※ Lock-on will be removed if you go beyond a certain distance. 


⑥ Location Bar at the Top of Screen

Easily check the direction/location of Shadow Lords, Ancient Altars, and Red Dragons without having to open your Map (Tab). 


⑦ Share Locations in Team Battle with [`] Tilde

Cooperation is key in Team Battles! Press the [`] tilde key to share your location or ping a particular location to your teammates. 


⑧ Defeat the Shadow Lords! 

Look for the message that is displayed when a Shadow Lord appears in the battlefield. 

※ Check the location from the Minimap (Top-right) or Map (Tab). 

If you defeat the boss, you’ll be guaranteed to get red-grade items and a buff to let you activate ancient altars. However, all these benefits come with the risk of other players looking for the same advantages!

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