Event Rules

1. Event Details and Participation

• Refer to the [Official Website > News > Events] for more details about Shadow Arena events and event participation requirements.

• Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change and/or cancel the detailed matters (contents and duration) of each event depending on the circumstances of Pearl Abyss. Changes will be communicated on the relevant event page without separate notice when made. 

• If the contents of the event page and/or winners announcement differ from this Event Rules, the contents of the event page and/or winner announcements shall prevail.

• Pearl Abyss is not liable for the inability to participate in events due to personal network instability and will not provide any form of compensation as a result.

• In the case of offline events, any losses and/or accidents are subject to the terms and conditions of each event’s enrolled insurance policy.  


2. Terms and Conditions for Event Winners

• The winners announcements and shipping schedules for prizes may be viewed directly or disclosed separately by website notice depending on each event.

• Only one account may participate in one event, and duplicate winners are prohibited; unless the event page specifies otherwise and permits duplicate winners. 

• The number of winners for each event may change depending on the progression of the event. 

• The selection process for event winners is as follows.


    - Confirm event completion and collect data of those who meet the requirements.  

   - Exclude those who do not meet the guidelines of Pearl Abyss according to the following criteria.  

     1. Determine if they violated the Operational Policy and/or participated in the event through inappropriate methods. 

     2. Determine if they were an event winner within the past 3 months. (may not be applicable based on event specifics) 

     3. Determine if they have any internal connection or association with Pearl Abyss


   - Event winners will be randomly selected from those not excluded by the above. 

     1. The probability of being selected as a winner and the selection process will be confidential. 


• The following cases may disqualify from being selected as a winner and may even result in the cancelation and retraction of winnings after being selected as a winner. 

(1) Participating in the event with someone else’s account or with fraudulent account information  

(2) Participating in the event through inappropriate methods (account/identity theft, bug usage, abusing, theft of someone else’s post, and etc)

(3) Disqualified as a tester for violating the Terms of Service and/or Operational Policy after being selected as an event winner   

(4) Restricted from the game for violations (exploiting game content or system) of the Operational Policy during the Beta period

(5) Participating in the event with an inappropriate in-game nickname 

(6) Does not agree to the collection of shipping information necessary for prize shipment or does not provide shipping information before the deadline

(7) Does not provide the necessary shipping information for prize delivery and/or personal information necessary to handle tax/duties. 

(8) The actual recipient’s name for the prize shipment does not match the name of the winner

(9) The winner cannot be contacted at their provided shipping information or the shipped event prizes are returned due to absence/inaccurate address information

(10) The winner does not submit a copy of their identification when an event prize requires the payment of taxes/customs or the winner does not pay the taxes/duties.

(11) The winner does not clearly state their intention to accept or refuse the prize

(12) Presents a conflict of interest, such as being an employee of Pearl Abyss or family of an employee 



3. Shipment Information of Prizes

• All prizes may be subject to change for other products of equal value without prior notice according to the circumstances of Pearl Abyss.

If an in-game item is given as a prize, there may be limits to its usage period depending on the event and as a result, recovery is not possible if deleted.  

• Pearl Abyss shall not be implicated regarding any losses incurred from participating in the event and/or use of prizes; related disputes and claims shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.

• Prizes are not transferable and winners cannot request for real money or physical product of the same value in exchange.

• The following is applicable for physical prizes.
(1) In order to deliver physical prizes, the winner’s shipping information and agreement must be collected.
(2) Winners must provide accurate shipping information (name, contact, etc.) for the shipment of their desired prizes. Separate compensation will not be provided for unreceived prizes due to incorrect shipping information.  

(3) If shipping information is submitted multiple times, prizes will be shipped to the last submitted shipping information before the deadline.  

(4) Physical prizes will be delivered in sequence of each winner being confirmed. 

(5) Winners must follow the instructions provided by Pearl Abyss for paying taxes/duties and submit a copy of their personal identification. A copy of personal identification must be submitted even if Pearl Abyss is responsible for paying the taxes/duties,  

(6) Prize shipment can be delayed due to the circumstances of Pearl Abyss; contact Support for any related inquiries. 



4. Event Notices

• The following will be applicable to events involving the sharing of SNS posts

1) Shared SNS posts shall be publicly accessible (fully disclosed), and the submitted URL of the post must be accessible at the time of the winners announcement  

2) Pearl Abyss shall have the rights to the Secondary Copyrights of all creations submitted for events, such as screenshots and other creations, for the purposes of providing or promoting our services without any limitations to time or region. However, in the event of lease or transfer for said creations, the creator’s prior agreement will be received.

3) If the in-game nickname and/or other identifiable characters that are displayed in the posting are inappropriate, the winner may be disqualified.

4) If the name of the event entry posting is not identifiable within the actual game, it may be excluded from being selected as a winner.

5) Creations deemed stolen or in violation of copyright laws may result in disqualification and prize withdrawal.  

(6) Additional personal information (name, email address, contact information, address, etc.) may be collected in order to send rewards to winners; submitted information will be deleted after the rewards are sent.

(7) Personal information (Facebook name, ID) may be disclosed in the winners announcement. By participating in the event, you agree to the collection and sharing of personal information.

(8) Disclosed personal information will be deleted if its purpose is fulfilled after the winners announcement. 



5. Personal Information Protection

-The winner’s personal information may be collected for the purpose of prize delivery. In this case, the winner’s agreement will also be collected. 

-Personal information (such as the winner's name, contact information, etc.), collected for the purpose of prize shipping and handling, will be destroyed after the prize is delivered. Except in cases where the personal information must be retained to follow the relevant laws.  

- Personal information (nickname, email account, etc.) may be disclosed on the website in the winners announcement.

- All other personal information related matters are subject to the Shadow Arena Privacy Policy