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Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.

We want to keep you informed regarding the details of the current known issues.
Please refer below to minimize any inconveniences to your gameplay.

We will continue to update you through this notice if any additional issues are discovered.

● Reviving a party member in Team mode sporadically revives them without the basic gear equipped.


● The text for Sura's weapons is in Korean


● The ranking season name of the official website is different from the in-game name.


● [Gorgath] Gorgath's appearance is different from his standard appearance when viewed from afar


● [Gorgath] Gorgath's apparance is sometimes abnormal when entering the arena


● Certain skills appear to go through enemies that are charging.


● The Red Dragon’s flame graphical effect is not visible.


● Stamina continues to be consumed without stopping when grabbed while casting a skill that consumes stamina


● [Badal the Golden] Super Armor of Thunder Breaker (3) enhanced by Golden Gate (4) sometimes does not take effect


● Laytenn sometimes appears transparent


● Moving outside of the map during the Grace Period causes the Hero to be unable to move


● Offline Friends are displayed as currently online


● Boss monsters are sometimes summoned in mid-air


● [Herawen] Moving quickly from side to side while using Fairy Flame (RMB) causes the projectile to be invisible to other players


● Unable to select certain items when taking items after the end of a match


● Using certain skills while standing with your back to a wall causes them to be blocked by the wall


● Jump Gate sporadically does not activate normally.


● Hero sporadically loses Black Spirit transformation before reaching the ground while flying through the air after being killed during the grace period.


● 'Invalid ticket' error message when launching the game from the Steam platform
- Restarting the game launcher will let you play the game properly.


● Encounter a 'WinLicense' related pop-up window
- After completely downloading the patch, please restart your launcher.


● Encountering a Login Page on the Steam Launcher while already logged intoSteam 

- Please try the [Scan Files] option at the bottom of the launcher and restart your game launcher after it’s complete.  



If you continue to experience the same issue after trying the instructions above, please provide us the exact details via our Customer Support or the launcher’s Report Error function.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences, and we will work harder to provide better services.

Thank you.

I'm playing the game for a week now, and I noticed that Gerhard Shultz skill that makes him charge forward in a frenetic run and it has a HUGE hit box, it gets you in like 9 feet far. I mean, it should be a difficult skill to control and if you miss it, you pay for it. Should be a very calculated skill where the player has to be precise like Haru's first skill, when if you miss it, you get exposed.

The game is running on low graphics in a GTX 1060 6gb, Intel i7 8 gen, 16gb ram. In my conception the hit box should sounds right.
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