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Greetings, this is the Shadow Arena Service Team.  
You can read about various types of news and information through the Shadow Arena Official Website as well as engage in conversations on diverse topics to connect with other users and developers through the community forum.  
As important as it is for the members of the Service Team to foster a welcoming community environment, we need all of our beloved players to help us with this matter as well. 
Check out the Community Etiquette Guideline below to help build a friendly community based on mutual respect, to ensure that players have a positive experience every time they visit the website! 😊


Community Etiquette Guideline

1.Please be respectful to each other. 

Any posts you make can be viewed by all players within the Shadow Arena community.  

Please be sure to avoid the practices described in the list below, and we kindly advise you to think twice before posting any material you think may make others uncomfortable. 

- Posts that disparage or incite social strife against any race, gender, or a particular country. 
- Posts that promote or demean a certain religion. 
- Posts that lead to sexual harassment of individuals, or cause those individuals to feel disgust or discomfort. 
- Posts that aim to slander or mock others. 
- Posts that encourages violence, misbehavior, or deception.


2. Please keep the forum clean. 

Posting content unrelated to the game, or one the applicable factors below may have adverse effects or make others feel uncomfortable.  


- Creating large number of posts repeatedly 

- Posts about commercial purposes 

- Posts speculating on or manipulating information about unconfirmed content 

- Posts that are unrelated to the forum topic or content that other players may find disturbing 


3. Protect the rights of others’ as if they were your own.

Consider the rights of others’ as if they were your own.

To do so, please refrain from making posts that infringe on or defame the reputation of others. 

- Posts that include infringement rights (copyrights, patents) of the company, other users, or third parties. 
- Posts that include infringement on or defamation of others’ reputation 

- Posts that include personal information about yourself or others (personal information, address, contact information, email, etc.) 

- Posts that share, exchange, or sell account information. 


4. Pleaserefrain from making illegal/inappropriate post.

Posting inappropriate or illegal content can have a negative impact on others and result in a penalty. To create a friendly community, please refrain from making the following types of posts: 


- Posts promoting or advertising unauthorized programs, private servers, etc. 

- Posts that contain malicious code or induce system errors. 

- Posts that contain cash or item transactions. 

- Posts that impersonate a GM, forum administrator, or company staff member
- Posts that violate other terms and conditions or are prohibited by related laws 


5. Makesure to read the Terms of Service. 

Posts that violate the Terms of Service may be deleted, and posting privileges may be revoked, among other actions. 


Make sure to read the Posting Regulation policy and the Prohibited and Restricted Posting Table from the [Website’s Terms of Service] to avoid any inconveniences when interacting with others within the community. 


The Community Forum is a great place for everyone to freely connect with one another, 
but there can't be a friendly environment without mutual respect. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we continue working towards facilitating a welcoming community environment.  

Thank you .