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WeLoveFinals 2021-07-29 17:02 (UTC+0)
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My Name is WeLoveFinals (known as Finals), and I am a veteran player who has been playing Shadow Arena since June 2020. I have almost 700 hours of playtime.


I’m normally not a fan of the battle royale genre, but I fell in love with the game’s previous beautiful graphics and core gameplay mechanics. Right now, the current Shadow Arena lacks what makes it special, and a lot of veteran and new players find it too simplistic and boring. (Turning it into a moba was also a very confusing choice, no one had asked for the change nor welcomed it.)  The entire game was almost in a perfect state, it just needed to address the issues that our players were having with the game (Making it more easy was not what our players wanted at all.) 


I propose to revert the entire changes that have been made to the base game and focus on the other issues that loyal and new players had with the game: Server De-sync, lack of marketing, lack of EU and NA tournaments, lack of a 1v1- matchmaking mode.


Also please bring back the gorgeous effects that skills use to have. A lot of the skills are now very ugly and downgraded visuals.


Here is a video 'Bakemono' made that showcases how fun this game used to be before the revamp.




In this video, you see all the things that we loved about Shadow Arena

The combos, The beautiful aesthetics, The overall feel of the game felt really good.



Here is a video trailer I made for a 1v1 tournament that our NA community was really excited for (Hosted by myself, Nyxi, and NoctWolfTv)




Here is some footage of our 1v1 tournament. You can see the excitement and level of skill bought from these events. They made for a very interesting spectator perspective.




Here is another video made by veteran player 'Hapg'. 




Now, the current game feels like a hollow shell of the old iteration and a lot of players have quit the game. The current population is at the lowest its ever been. 


I can guarantee you that by bringing back the old system and just making improvements/adjustments, old and new players will come running back into the game. 

We have really enjoyed playing this game and we don’t want to give up hope on it just yet, please reconsider everything and thank you for this opportunity you’ve given us to express ourselves!



Discord: We Love Finals #0674

Agreed from a player that has almost 1000 hours in this game
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we are still waiting for the game to change back...we used to love it , cmon SA :D
2021-08-01 08:14 1
The post was deleted.
We thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Finals.
But we are most thankful for the passion you've shown for Shadow Arena.
We understand that veteran players such as yourself, who have played the game for 700 hours, may find the current iteration less satisfying. We also share your feelings about previous versions of the game, and understand how you feel.

The combo gameplay mechanic was indeed one of the previous version's defining features. In retrospect, however, we realized that this caused an unpleasant gaming experience for new players, and we see this rework as a way to make the game more accessible.

We find ourselves in a transitionary period, working to strike a balance between previous and modern iterations of the game to further improve it overall, and we must emphasize that feedback such as yours is key to accomplishing this. We look forward to hearing more of your opinions on this.

We have also shared information from our previous developer notes about the topics you mentioned, including server desyncs, a lack of marketing, and tournaments. Visit below __link to see any updated information on these matters.

We will continue doing our best to listen and communicate with our players through DevChat and developer notes.

We give our unending love and appreciation for your support in Shadow Arena. We will continue to work hard and bring great news in the near future!

Thank you.
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