General Discussion Challenge Tournament 23rd! Current rulings!
P3rtch 2021-11-22 04:43 (UTC+0)
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Challenge Tournament

  1. Points for completed challenge
  2. Points for placement



  1. New players who have started playing for less than 1 month may group in full teams of 3
  2. Veteran players who have played beyond 1 month may group with 1 other player and one AI
  3. Teams may beggin battling each other once 3 minutes have passed ingame

Points for number of kills are as follows

  1. 1 kill = 10 points
  2. 2 kills = 15 points
  3. 3 kills = 20 points
  4. 4 kills = 25 points
  5. 5 kills = 30 points


achieves 5 kills they can no longer achieve points via kills in that match

When a team kills a world boss they earn 30 points

When a team kills a rock crab they earn 10 points

When a team earns the highest gold score total they earn 50 points

When a team wins a match they earn 100 points

When a team achieves FIRST BLOOD(first kill) they earn 5 points

When a team destroys an artifact they earn 10 points

Having highest Deaths earns a team -5 points


minimum players needed at least 4-8 “teams” in total

Game Mode - Trios

Date - 23rd of november

Time - Starts at 5pm ends after 3 games, tally after each game for total points. 


Prizes- top 6 winners are sent a monthly coupon. If you use a coupon, you can obtain the following items.


[Items from Monthly Coupon] 


[Event] Unknown Dye Box x5  

Gorgath's Alchemy Chest x5 

[Event] Silver Booster (7 Days) 

[Event] Mastery Booster (7 Days)

[Event] Special Skin Selection Coupon 

[Event] Hero Selection Coupon