General Discussion Guide to Community Etiquette
ShadowArena 2020-01-01 23:17 (UTC+0)
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Greetings, this is Shadow Arena. 


WIth the revamping of the Shadow Arena official website, we have opened a new community forum.  


After registering for Pearl Abyss membership, Shadow Arena testers can freely discuss a variety of topics on this forum.   


While the operator's role is vital in providing a safe and pleasant community, we also need the help of our testers. 

So, please view the “Forum Activity Etiquette’ below.  


 1. Respect each other.


The posts and comments you leave behind can be seen by other testers who play Shadow Arena. Please reconsider before writing any posts that could be offensive, such as what is shown below.  

  • Posts that degrade or discriminate against a race, gender or particular region
  • Posts that promote or degrade a particular religion or ideology
  • Posts that cause sexual humiliation, disgust, or discomfort to others
  • Posts that are intended to slander or demean others
  • Posts that promote violence, wrongdoing, or gambling


2. Keep the forum clean.


Posts similar to what is shown below, such as posts unrelated to the game or that negatively influence other testers, may be unpleasant to other testers. 

  • Posting repeatedly or spamming posts  
  • Advermistment post that is for commercial gain 
  • Speculative or fabricated posting about unconfirmed information 
  • Post that is unrelated to the nature of the forum or detrimental to the community


3. Protect the rights of others like you would protect yours.


Just as your rights are precious, so are the rights of others. 

Don’t upload posts that violate each other’s rights or reputation. 

  • Posts that infringe on the rights (copyright, patent, etc.) of other testers, specific groups, or the company
  • Posts that harm the reputation of other testers, specific groups, or the company
  • Posts that contain personal information (personal identification information, location, contact, email, etc.)
  • Posts that are related to the act of sharing, renting, or trading account information with others 


4. Avoid illegal posts.


Illegal posts can harm others and be subject to punishment. For a healthy and safe community, please avoid the following.  

  • Posts that announce or promote illegal programs, private servers, and etc. 
  • Posts that contain malicious code or induces system failure 
  • Posts that are related to real money trading or item trading
  • Posts that impersonate others, including GMs, bulletin board/forum operators,  or company employees
  • Posts related to acts that violate the Terms of Service or are prohibited by the relevant laws/regulations


5. Make sure to check the Operational Policy.


If any acts that violate the Operational Policy are discovered, we will take action, such as the deletion of the post and restrictions to posting privileges.  


Avoid any inconveniences when using the forum by checking the “6. Website Operation and Posting Policy” and “7. Table of Restriction Criteria for Inappropriate Website Postings” within the【Shadow Arena Operational Policy】.


Please remember that while the forum is a place to freely hold discussions with others, if you cannot respect each other, then we cannot create an enjoyable atmosphere together.  


We want to thank our testers for their consideration, and our service team will always strive to provide a safe and pleasant community.  


Thank you.