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Valvarr 2020-05-25 20:18 (UTC+0)
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Im former Rank 1 global and Rank 1 Class Mystic player from EU who used to dominate Shadow Arena when it was mode in BDO and had 50-60% winrate.

Thats about my background now why im making this post: Ill be trying to provide my perspective of Shadow Arena Standalone vs BDO Shadow Arena and what i think of this game as it is right now.




+ Reporting system but only half + for this because i have not found way to report any other player than the player who killed me so i might be bit off

+ Less rng dependant (items, skills, class)

+ Better keybind customization but still lacking

+ Bosses / statues are visible in map


Thats all the pros i can think of when comparing to BDO Shadow Arena mode.




Oh boy this will be long list because im veteran BDO player and release of Shadow Arena Standalone has proven to me that Pearl Abyss is incabable development team and ill be explaining why now


- Combat is completely butchered when compared to BDO. Actions are unresponsive and doesn't feel action combat at all.

- Vanishing players. This was bug in original mode where player were invisible and even in standalone this is carried over and no im not talking about Haru's stealth.

- Every skill has CC meanwhile most skills do not have protection and even if skill is used on your screen because how badly game communicates between server and another client the skill is not registered and goes to CD while user gets CC'd.

- Class costs are way too high. 30k silver when winning game grants 30-100 silver without hunting goblins.

- Class balance is out of the whack. Class like valkyrie basically can easily 2 shot players.

- Skin prices are again too expensive just like costumes in BDO meaning its only money grab.

- There is no benefit of playing this game because there is way better battle royal games out there and this is not even worth the time spent in game.

- Ranged skills are extremely hard to hit especially autoattacks. Only times i get hit by Rangers/witches autoattack is when they get surprise hit from behind but when im aware of them they have close to 0% chance of hitting their ranged attacks.

- Visibility of enemies that are close range is insanely bad. The HP bar above player vanishes too fast or is not visible till you hit. This should be distance related thing and not hit based.

- This game will not have any longevity and it will die in month or less. It had chance to work as game mode in BDO but as standalone 0 chance.

- No ability to ping locations (wasn't able to use any keybind to ping where i wanted to go etc)

- When pressing keys there is chance of game not reacting to key presses which leads to player just stand there doing nothing.

- Game carries similar issues from BDO like Z axis extremely limited and bad.


Final words


I might have forgotten some things but this pretty much sums it up. I cannot recommend this game to anyone. Not new player nor BDO veteran.

Also as release of Shadow Arena i feel like Pearl Abyss has shown that they're incabable of creating polished product that has low amount of design flaws.

And because of this i do not believe they're capable of creating flawless games in future meaning their next big mmorpg title Crimson Desert will be full of flaws like this one or BDO


Thank you for reading.


"- Ranged skills are extremely hard to hit especially autoattacks. Only times i get hit by Rangers/witches autoattack is when they get surprise hit from behind but when im aware"

First I have to comment that a good herawin player does not spam RMB. They save their fairy dust to combo with 1.
2020-05-26 21:37 0
@Gfever   Obviously true to save things up when you land CC but its still the same. Tho ranged CC is also very easy to a__void
2020-05-27 18:29 0