General Discussion Quality of Life suggestions
Gfever 2020-05-25 21:35 (UTC+0)
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Water level too high.

Some classes are shorter than others, the water line covers their entire body in some cases, making it difficult to spot, espeically when laying down in water. Similarly, chests underwater suffer the same fate.


Crosshairs color and image should be modifiable.

Losing the crosshair is a common occurance, especially with all the effects going on. 


Crosshair priority target.

Allow an option to always target a player over a monster when crosshair is hovered over the general direction.


Modifiable UI.

Similar to BDO, allow the placement and shadow overlay of cooldowns and UI. I dont' want to look down to check on cooldowns and lose the status of the fight.


Player map location Icon.

The location of the player on the map needs to be colored differently, hard time spotting where I am at first glance. Also, the icon does not have priority on top of another icon, so if you are right under and altar, it is difficult to see which altar you are on. When launching across the map, player icon should instead draw a line in the direction of the launch.


Gear costumes.

If you ever want this game to be slightly more competitive, need to allow players to see whether it is worth fighting a player based on their gear. Not being able to gauge whether it is worth fighting an overgeared player is frustrating as I am taking unnecessary deaths. Another option is to change the color of their HP bar to the color of their gear, so atleast it is more obvious than just looking at the color of their name. Other options are to change the color of the crosshair or an additional notifier next to the crosshair to signal the "gear score" when pointing over a nearby enemy. Or a colored aura silver lining around the hovered character.


Don't allow crosshair to lock on a target when player is proned/crouched.

Players can hover over a bush and figure out if there is someone under neath it or not, defeats the purpose of hiding.


Adjust rankings.

I still like the idea of kill stealing, but the rankings should be based on the amount of damage a player has done to another player, possibility even change the way silver is made based on damage. Kills still contribute, but with this system, it would atleast hinder people from just waiting until 2 players fight before jumping in all the time, which is the current strategy.


CC tie.

This might be more controversial of a suggestion. There have been many instances where 2 players activate a crowd control skill at the same time and only one of them gets the cc off. I'd rather have both players enter a short stun animation or just allow the skill to do damage but have no cc effects. Latency judging the outcome of a fight is a difficult tiebreaker for a fighting game.


More customizable skills.

Would be nice to have each character the ability to customize their bar but keep the skill pool limited, maybe between 6-8. This is to control balance of classes but allow enough variety so each character has the chance to have atleast 2 viable skill bars. At the moment there are some classes that have a 4th dead skill. For example, Yeonhwa's bow attack skill or Herawen's tree skill get more and more useless as the fog gets smaller and smaller. While characters like Haru, all 4 of her skills are useful no matter what situation she is in.


Auto attacks stagger.

Remove this, or atleast do not stagger dodges. Instead, include skills that can interrupt skills. Another suggestion is to allow auto attack to cancel skills but only after 2 auto attacks.


Fix ESC settings.

Inorder to get into settings you hit ESC but it leaves your duel in dueling grounds.


Hide/simplify the notifications:

The current notifications on when Shadow Lord spawns, or grace period is over is too large. It covers a large portion of the screen and should be move from the middle of the screen. It blocks important information and limits map awareness with these all over the place. And what is with that excessive gaming notification over the minimap. Can't you place that in a better spot instead of blocking my minimap please...


G spamming:

Why do I need to press G to equip an upgrade, can't it just do it automatically? I don't see how this adds any value to the game.


Allow back camera rotate:

Enough said.


Remove altar buff icon:

The icon above a character's head when having an altar icon is a problem. Gives away your position too easily. Do some sort of glow instead. However, I do like the buff icon for when you kill the shadow lord, but I think the intend is to tell a player that they have the altar buff so they can steal it from a distance. But I don't agree with it being above their head after the altar has been used.



Generally a good fighting game has some if not all of these qualities:


No matter what match up, each player is given 2-3 mistakes to work with. When I mean mistakes, I mean a player getting a CC combo off and doing damage to another player. Never allow any class the ability to kill a player with 1 one possible CC skill rotation.


A good fight needs counters, but hard counters are very bad for a game, it makes a rock, paper, scissor combat which should be avoided like the plague. So far, its OK, there can be improvement, but the generally direction is good. Each class is given atleast 1 escape and 1 stun but I feel certain classes have more spamable CC than others which makes it very imbalanced. It would be nice to have skills that were more dynamic, if the cc skills were balanced with counter cc skills to even the playing field to a more tactical fight instead of who gets off the first CC wins the game type of fight. Yeonhwa's block skill is a great example of a good counter skill. But having counters is a double edge sword, you don't want a counter fest game. Skills don't have to be in a form of a counter but perhaps mitigation, like a bubble affect, similar to berserker's skill of not being able to be CC'ed.