Jordine Ducas

Serendia's Young Lion - Year 276

A young warrior trained in swordsmanship by Cliff,
who is known as the hero of Serendia. At the age of 20,
he became famous for his great achievement
in the Calpheon-Heidel War. He was later
appointed to Grand Chamberlain to assist the Lord of Heidel.
In Year 285, however, he attempted to rebel against Calpheon,
but failed. His whereabouts are unknown since then.



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Longsword / [Sub] Shield

Jordine Ducas has a good balance of offensive and defensive skills using his sword and shield.
He can use his shield to block and connect combos safely, but he has a slow attack speed. Therefore, it is crucial to time the skills while defending with the shield to get the upper hand on the enemy.

Inherent Skill

Shield of Heidel

Block all attacks and debuffs from the front within the capacity of your shield.
Hold the button to move while maintaining a defensive stance.

Spear of Serendia

Throw a spear to inflict damage and knockdown the enemy.

Shield Charge

Quickly charge forward while holding up the shield and knockback the enemy.
Press LMB to perform additional strikes with your sword.

Formation Break

Jump up and slam the ground with a sword, creating a shockwave that pushes surrounding enemies away.
Grants super armor while in the air and your skill will not be canceled.

Spinning Slash

Cut down enemies in front with all your strength.
This attack is slow but inflicts powerful damage to all enemies within range and blows them back.

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