Blade Negotiator - Year 235

The Kingdom of Haso dispatched an envoy upon receiving reports
about the Black Death. It is said that the envoy is a skilled swordsman
and a member of the Order of Apricot. She ended up in Valencia
while searching for the cause of Black Death.
Although the Black Death dissipated,
her whereabouts are currently unknown.



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Blade / [Sub] Horn Bow

Yeonhwa’s biggest strength is her high mobility. She has a fast but powerful basic attack and the ability to chase down enemies.
She can close gaps instantly and use her rapid basic attacks or counters to lead the fight in her favor. However, the cooldown on her skills are long so she has a bit of a disadvantage if the battle draws on.

Inherent Skill

Fallen Flower

Cut the enemy as you charge forward.
Using a basic attack while charging will stop you from charging and slash quickly.
Performing a jump while moving forward allows you to make a longer jump.

Head Shot

Fire an arrow from a long distance.
You can fire arrows quickly if you click attack while pulling the bow but it won't knock enemies down.
You can knockdown the enemy if you hit them with a fully charged arrow.


Take a defensive stance for 2 seconds and counterattack, which knocks the enemy down.
Cannot knockdown the enemy if their attack exceeds your defensive ability or when you attack by pressing LMB.

Bond Cut

Quickly cut down the enemy and step back to widen the distance.
Grants super armor for a short period of time after casting the skill. Enemies hit will have -20 AP for 5 seconds.

Red Moon

Slash the enemy in succession at an unseen speed.
You can resist enemy's attack while stealthed and blowback the target on the final hit.

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