Ahon Kirus

Crow of Tarif - Year 264

She was born and raised in Tarif, the home of sorcerers.
She mastered the knowledge handed down by the Great Sorceress
Cartian and Allan Serbin. She overcame the darkness
time and time again with Ain Greid, the sentinel of the Bautt Slate.
After that, she returned home and became the leader of Tarif.



Combat Style Mid-Range/Melee
Weapons [Main] Amulet / [Sub] -

Ahon Kirus is a Hero that requires time and good control to master. Not only does she have high evasion capabilities, she has skills that allows her to attack from melee and mid-range.
She can easily take advantage of a situation if given the room to do so. Her skills allow her to deal critical blows or dodge out of dangerous situations.
However, miss timing her evasion skill can cause her to be at a disadvantage. So, be sure to use it wisely.

Inherent Skill

Phantom Raven

Turn into a Phantom Raven and evade all attacks while moving.

Dark Mark

Throw a mass of black energy at the enemy, causing damage and reducing their DP.
The DP reduction debuff can stack.

Shadow Explosion

Explode shadows on the ground to knock up enemies within range and reduce their DP.

Sun of Destruction

Charge a mass of black energy into a large orb and throw it at the enemy to knock them down. The longer the orb is charged, the more powerful it becomes.
Reuse or press LMB while charging to throw it instantly. You can move around while holding the charged orb.

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