Successor of an Ancient Civilization - Year 250

Tantu left in search of his ancestor's secretive origin as a young giant.
He was able to discover the remains of an "Iron Buster,"
which was forged using a long-lost technology.
Tantu when studied the weapon and the ancient records
left by his ancestors. While studying,
he came to realize his purpose and decided to establish
the secret society "Dark Chaser."



Combat Style Mid-range
Weapons [Main] Iron Buster / [Sub] Vambrace

Tantu is a Hero with powerful blows and a wide range.
His skill sets do not chain together well. Instead, take advantage of his range and whittle them down. Then quickly dive in to blow them up. Try to keep your distance instead of going for head-to-head with enemies. It is best to wait for your best shot to take them down.

Inherent Skill


Reloads bullets.
It reloads 1 bullet at a time, up to 4 bullets. You can reload while moving.

Charged Shot

Shoots enemies far away with the Iron Buster.
Enemies hit will be knocked down. The number of shots available depends on the number of bullets loaded. Can be shot up to 5 times.

Aggressive Negotiations

Grabs the enemy in front then slams them on the ground multiple times. The slammed enemy is knocked down at the end.

Power Jump

Aims the Iron Buster to the ground and uses the blast to jump high into the air.

Explosive Strike

Steps back quickly then charges up to slam the ground and blowback enemies.
If there are bullets remaining in the Iron Buster, fires all the bullets and deals 10% additional damage per bullet.

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