Successor of an Ancient Civilization - Year 250

Tantu left in search of his ancestor's secretive origin as a young giant.
He was able to discover the remains of an "Iron Buster,"
which was forged using a long-lost technology.
Tantu when studied the weapon and the ancient records
left by his ancestors. While studying,
he came to realize his purpose and decided to establish
the secret society "Dark Chaser."



Combat Style Mid-range
Weapons [Main] Iron Buster / [Sub] -

Tantu is a Hero who uses the Iron Buster to make powerful blows in a wide range. The key to taking the upper hand in battles is keeping distance with opponents using Power Jump.
You need to pay heed to your bullet status to make continuous attacks from afar. If you run out of bullets, avoid fights and wait for the next chance.

Inherent Skill


Reload bullets to attack from range. One bullet is reloaded after every use. Up to 4 bullets can be reloaded. Able to inflict greater damage within certain range and stun the opponent when hit with an Iron Buster. Using another skill while reloading will cancel it.

Charged Shot

Hunker down to charge a powerful blast then fire. Able to fire multiple shots, depending on the number of Bullets available. If there are not Bullets loaded, he will fire at least once.

Power Jump

Jump up into the air using the recoil from the Iron Buster.


Charge the Iron Buster to max power. Bullets will be fully reloaded upon use. Will not consume bullests while Overload is active.

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