Gerhard Shultz

King of Sausan - Year 280

The ruler who ruled the Sausan region after the fall of
the Mediahn kingdom. He tried to lead Sausan and Altinova
to cooperation who had been at odds back then.
He became the champion of the Altinova Arena
in order to show off Sausan's power. In 284, however,
he died in Altinova after being poisoned
by an unknown enemy.



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Axe / [Sub] -

Shultz is a Hero that charges in first as his inherent skill makes him immune to CC. But, you still need to watch his HP as he can still take damage in this state.
Using his skills, he is able to latch on to the enemy and bringing them over to be focused on by his team, send them flying away, or stun them all with a powerful roar.

Inherent Skill

Unleashed Beast

Super Armor is activated. Ignore all CC effects for 5 sec. However, you will still take damage from attacks.

Gate Breaker

Dash forward at lightning speed to blow the target away upon impact. You can change the direction while charging forward.
Reuse while dashing forward to instantly perform a shoulder charge.

Rock Smash

Grab and lift the enemy over your head and slam them onto the ground.
You can move around while grabbing the enemy. Reuse or press LMB to slam them onto the ground immediately.

Bestial Howl

Roar with the power of the beast to send shockwaves that stun all enemies nearby.

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