Star Chaser - Year 277

The assassin who came to Calpheon from a faraway region
to chase after the Blackstar that fell from the sky.
While staying at Calpheon in search of the star,
she contacted Guy Seric and cooperated with him.
She kidnapped Lord Domongatt during the Calpheon-Heidel War,
and it is said that she took a piece of the Blackstar in return
for her achievement and returned to her homeland.



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Shortsword / [Sub] -

Haru is extremely agile and can use Shadow Step to easily engage and disengage from fights.
Her small physique and quick moves allows her to dodge enemy attacks and strike them quickly.
However, she has less HP compared to others and her skills do not have a lot of CC or defensives.

Inherent Skill

Shadow Step

Use a skill learned from a faraway region and move stealthed in a shadow.
You will reveal yourself to enemies if make an attack or consume your stamina completely.

Heart Stab

Dash forward to stab the opponent's weak point and cause them to bleed. Leave a mark for 4 sec.


Disappear for a moment and ignore all attacks to throw kunai.
Explode the mark left by Heart Stab to deal extra damage.

Shadow Strike

Gather the power of shadows then dash through the enemy while striking them to inflict strong damage.

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