Star Chaser - Year 277

The assassin who came to Calpheon from a faraway region
to chase after the Blackstar that fell from the sky.
While staying at Calpheon in search of the star,
she contacted Guy Seric and cooperated with him.
She kidnapped Lord Domongatt during the Calpheon-Heidel War,
and it is said that she took a piece of the Blackstar in return
for her achievement and returned to her homeland.



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Shortsword / [Sub] Kunai

Haru is extremely agile, and can use Shadow Step to easily engage and disengage from fights.

Inherent Skill

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Shadow Step

Use the skill learned from a faraway region to travel while stealthed.
Performing an attack during Shadow Step will reveal yourself to enemies.

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Heart Stab

Stab the opponent's weak point to apply a bleed for 20 sec and leave a mark.
This will also leave a mark on enemies that lasts for 5 seconds. Hitting marked enemies with Mirage deals extra damage.

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Ambush to strike the enemy's ankles and knock them down.
Press LMB for an additional strike.

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Thunder Rip

Attack the enemy from air and knock them down.
Grants super armor while in the air and your skill will not be canceled.

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Spray Kunais while evading enemy attacks, and then retreat.
She ignores all attacks while stealthed. Use on enemies that were marked with Heart Stab to inflict extra damage.

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