Tagahl Sherekhan

The Last Sherekhan - Year 199

In the Elionian Year 199, a dragon appeared in Calpheon
and terrorized the people. So, the nation of Calpheon called
for the legendary Dragon Hunter from Drieghan,
known to be the last living descendant of the Sherekhan.
After a gruesome battle, he was able to defeat the dragon.
However, Calpheon refused to give the promised reward.
Tagahl left a curse on Calpheon in retaliation
and promised a dragon would one day return to this land.
He then vanished without a trace.



Combat Style Mid-Range/Melee
Weapons [Main] Glaive / [Sub] -

Tagahl Sherekhan wields a glaive as his main weapon. This allows him to make wide swings and power strikes.
He is able to go into the middle of a crowd to either pull enemies in closer together or push them back. He also can reduce enemy DP and deal a devastating blow to dominate Brawlers with high DP.

Inherent Skill

  • Scale Ripper

    Swing the glaive, reducing DP and knocking back any enemy hit.

    Dragon Impaler

    Charge to inflict a powerful damage and blow the enemy away.
    Hold RMB to gather strength, which will allow him to charge farther and increase damage.

  • Skull Breaker A

    Dash forward then swing the glaive to knock enemies down.

    Skull Breaker B

    Charge forward, and then strike the enemy with the glaive to knock them down.

  • Wing Breaker A

    Step forward to grab the enemy then send them flying.

    Wing Breaker B

    Step forward to grab the enemy then slam them to the ground.
    Press E or LMB to perform a powerful extra attack that knocks up enemies.

  • Heart Gouge A

    Swing the glaive to pull in enemies nearby then knock them up.

    Heart Gouge B

    Resist attacks for a short period of time while swinging the glaive to push back enemies, and then dash forward while swinging the glaive to blow them away.

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