Herald of the Deep Forest - Year 236

After the Black Death swept the whole continent,
she came out to the human world in search of truth.
During a long journey from Kamasylvia to Valencia eastward,
she mediated humans while watching them from a neutral position.
In year 283, she returned to Mediah and became the head of the Kamasylve Temple.



Combat Style Mid-Range/Melee
Weapons [Main] Staff / [Sub] Dagger

Harewan supports her allies using magic attacks and heals.
She has plenty of CC skills that can freeze enemies from afar, reduce their moment speed, and stun them.
She is also able to summon the Kamasylve Tree to heal her allies.
However, she lacks damage and may find it difficult to deal with enemies that get close.

Inherent Skill

  • Light of Sylvia

    Be blessed by the power of Sylvia to heal yourself and allies nearby.

    Ancient Dragon's Breath

    Fires an Ancient Dragon's Breath energy to knockback enemy and causes burning damage for a while.

  • Seed of Ice A

    Throw a seed of ice to freeze the enemy. The frozen enemy will receive more damage by +18%.

    Seed of Ice B

    Throw a seed of ice to slow down nearby areas.
    The seeds will grow into a flower and freeze the area.
    The frozen enemy will receive 18% more damage.
    Consume stamina to use the skill while moving.

  • Thunder Viper A

    Create lightning using the Spirit's Staff which continuously electrocutes surrounding enemies. If there are other enemies around the affected target, they will also be electrocuted and their movement speed will drop.
    Press LMB to cast lightning and stun the enemy.

    Thunder Viper B

    Strike the ground with the Spirit's Staff to release lightning in multiple direction to electrocute surrounding enemies.
    Attack enemies up to 2 times with lightning to inflict more damage.

  • Kamasylve Tree A

    Summon a Kamasylve Tree to continuously heal allies nearby. Kamasylve Tree can be attacked and destroyed by enemies.

    Kamasylve Tree B

    Summon a Kamasylve Tree to continuously heal all party members.
    Heal is also applied to party members who are not nearby.
    If you cancel while casting the skill, the Kamasylve Tree will disappear after a certain time and it will no longer heal you or your party members.

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