Herald of the Deep Forest - Year 236

After the Black Death swept the whole continent,
she came out to the human world in search of truth.
During a long journey from Kamasylvia to Valencia eastward,
she mediated humans while watching them from a neutral position.
In year 283, she returned to Mediah and became the head of the Kamasylve Temple.



Combat Style Mid-Range/Melee
Weapons [Main] Staff / [Sub] Dagger

Herawen is a ranged specialist that can deal a lot of damage from a distance.
She has great utility with her skill Kamasylve Tree that heals herself and her allies in team battles. However, she has a major disadvantage in melee combat so it's crucial for her to keep a distance.

Inherent Skill

Fairy Flame

Gather the power of the fairy and throw it at the enemy, causing damage from a distance.
The staff shines when the fairy's power is fully charged and inflicts high damage to the enemy upon hit.

Seed of Ice

Throw a seed of ice to freeze the enemy.
The enemy will receive 1.18 times the damage while frozen.

Ancient Dragon's Breath

Charge flames using the Spirit's Staff and throw them to create an explosion which knocks enemies down.
Enemies who are hit will catch fire and receive damage over time.

Thunder Viper

Create lightning using the Spirit's Staff which continuously electrocutes surrounding enemies.
If there are other enemies around the affected target, they will also be electrocuted and receive damage.
Press LMB during the skill to perform an additional hit to stun the enemy.

Kamasylve Tree

Summon Kamasylves Tree to continuously heal nearby allies.
Kamasylve Tree can be attacked and destroyed by enemies.

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