Enslar's Successor - Year 243

One of the seven beloved disciples of Enslar,
Vella was the youngest and sole successor of the group.
Known as young Enslar since she was a child,
she was later affectionately christened "Venslar."
She dealt with the aftermath of the Kzarka summoning incident,
reinstated the Order of Valkyrie Knights,
and restored faith by purging Kzarka infiltrators within
the Elionian Church.



Combat Style Melee/Ranged
Weapons [Main] Longsword / [Sub] Shield

Venslar can switch between her Courage Stance and Patience Stance using her inherent skill.
Courage Stance is attack oriented with skills that can be used to chase down enemies and quick attacks. While Patience Stance is defense oriented with skills that can block enemy attacks and support allies with buffs. Having these two stances give her skills a lot of strategic choices in battle. However, the skills share cooldown between the different stances. So, it's crucial to use her skills wisely.

Inherent Skill

Switch Stance

Switch between Courage Stance and Patience Stance. Each of the stances have their own set of skills.
Courage Stance: Stay in a combat-ready stance where she can charge in and attack quickly.
Endurance Stance: Stay in a defensive stance where she can block enemy attacks and buff allies. She will automatically switch over to Courage Stance once her guard is depleted.

Radiant Pursuit/Sacred Barrier

Radiant Pursuit (Courage Stance) : Endowed with the power of sacred light, quickly dash forward, making a thrusting attack that pushes the enemy back.
Sacred Barrier (Patience Stance) : Create a sacred wall to knock enemies back and increase DP of self and allies.

Blades of Retribution/Breath of Elion

Blades of Retribution (Courage Stance) : Blow away the enemy with the quick swings used in the Valkyrie's swordsmanship.
Breath of Elion (Patience Stance): Gather the resplendent light of Elion to recover allies' HP and increase their Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

Heavenly Descent/Judgment of Light

Heavenly Descent(Courage Stance): Shine heavenly light onto the targeted spot and quickly jump high into the air for a downward strike. Create a powerful shockwave upon landing and knock enemies up. Ignore CC effects while in mid-air.
Judgment of Light (Patience Stance): Summon a heavenly sword with the light of Elion to heal nearby allies and knock enemies up.

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