Enslar's First Apprentice - Year 235

The fallen Valkyrie family's armor with the crest of Jousting,
the flower that blooms alongside the emerald seas of Epheria.
It is said that she wielded a gigantic lancia like a feather, and legend has it that she pierced the heart of Karanda in one fell strike. Yet after being betrayed by her most trusted one, she relinquished her silver armor and disappeared.



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Lancia / [Sub] Shield

Jousting offers two distinct combat styles that focus on cavalry combat and defensive abilities depending on which inherent skill you choose.
With the skill "Summon Arduanatt," she can charge into battle to wreak havoc on enemies with a focus on cavalry combat, or she can use "Sacred Shield" for a more defense-oriented playstyle. Jousting excels at frontal attacks with good range, but because she wields such a large weapon, her movements are slow, making her vulnerable to enemies' quick attacks.

Inherent Skill

  • Summon Arduanatt

    Summons the dream horse Arduanatt.
    Get close to ride the horse. You can move quickly and perform attacks and skills while riding Arduanatt.

    Sacred Shield

    Raise the shield to block all frontal attacks and debuffs and heal all nearby party members.

  • Righteous Torment A

    Charge quickly and stab the enemy to knock them down.

    Righteous Torment B

    Perform a short-range stab attack to knock down the enemy.

  • Retribution A

    Impale the enemy with the tip of the lancia then move forward before slamming them to the ground.

    Retribution B

    Spin the lancia quickly to break the enemy's defensive or super armor effect and knock them down.

  • Wave of Light A

    Charge the lancia with the power of light to resist the opponent's attack. Then create a wave of light that draws the enemy in and causes it to explode to knock them down.

    Wave of Light B

    Charge the lancia with the power of light to resist the opponent's attack. Then slam the lancia to the ground immediately to cause an explosive shockwave to knock up enemies.

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