Wu-Ju - Year ???

The Shadow Knights borrowed their powers from Blackstar
to build the Shadow Shrine. It called all the Black Spirits in the world
to gather and create Shadow Arena. While they were creating the arena,
a strange Black Spirit came into the group.
It didn't select a Hero to fight, but used its ancient powers
to fight for itself.



Combat Style Mid-range
Weapons [Main] Lightstone / [Sub] Talisman

It doesn't have the most damage, but it specializes in utility. It can use its unique skills to control the fight and grow.
Its utility comes in the form of swift movements, dodging, and transforming in the arena. Continue to evade your enemies till you can get the upper hand then come in to finish them off.

Inherent Skill

Older Brother!

Summons a Hungry Black Spirit for 7 seconds.
The Hungry Black Spirit attacks nearby enemies automatically and cannot be controlled.

Take Off!

Transform into Black Spirit. The angle of flight and distance travelled increases as it gets charged. When it crashes into anything, it will explode and return to its original form.

Hide & Seek!

Transforms into Black Spirit to enter stealth and become invincible. Knock nearby enemies back.
Dash attacks when using a basic attack in stealth.

Found You!

Gain a buff where you can see the surrounding map for 10 seconds and
gain a AP & DP buff depending on the number of Heroes in the area.
Additionally, track the closest Hero with a mark.


Disappears for a moment, then press R to transform into a Mini-Laytenn.
It is smaller and weaker than a regular Laytenn.

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