Wu-Ju - Year ???

The Shadow Knights borrowed their powers from Blackstar
to build the Shadow Shrine. It called all the Black Spirits in the world
to gather and create Shadow Arena. While they were creating the arena,
a strange Black Spirit came into the group.
It didn't select a Hero to fight, but used its ancient powers
to fight for itself.



Combat Style Mid-range
Weapons [Main] Lightstone / [Sub] Talisman

While Wu-Ju has low HP and AP, it can boost AP and recover HP of its allies from afar. However, as it lacks outstanding defensive skills, it is important to keep a certain distance from enemies at all times. Also, Wu-Ju has amazing utility as it can make a sudden attack with "Hide & Seek!" or escape from crisis by using "Laytenn!"

Inherent Skill

Older Brother!

Summon a Hungry Black Spirit that lasts for 10 seconds. The Hungry Black Spirit attacks enemies near its summoned spot. Its attacks reduce the enemy's DP by 30% for 5 sec.

Hide & Seek!

Quickly turn stealth. You can move rapidly without consuming Stamina while in the stealth mode. The stealth mode goes off in 3 seconds automatically, which creates an explosion that stuns nearby enemies for 1.5 sec. Press Q or LMB for immediate explosion. Also, all party members can detect enemies across the entire arena for 5 sec.

Found You!

Shoot a laser beam that leaves a mark on the enemies and reduces their Movement Speed for 5 sec. When the beam hits allies, their AP will increase by 150 for 5 sec., while recovering HP by 1,000.


Press T to transform into a Mini-Laytenn.
You can deal damage according to Wu-Ju's AP while mounted.
* Max Duration: Apprx. 20 sec

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