Durgeff Durkhan

Wise Chief of Drieghan - Year ?

The actual acting leader of Drieghan.
She fought as a brave mercenary as she inherited the Sherekhan bloodline. When she felt the Black Dragon breathe in the Iron Mine near Drieghan, she headed to the Mountain of Eternal Winter and received a boomerang that contains the dragon's breath.



Combat Style Mid-ranged
Weapons [Main] Boomerang / [Sub] Vitclari

Durgeff Durkhan wields a boomerang and attacks enemies from a distance. She inflicts damage over time with the wide attack range of the boomerang and its Burn Damage. Skills such as Fire-rang can stop the enemy's skill from afar. However, as she lacks evasive skills. Therefore, it is important to keep a safe distance from her enemies and be aware of the entire battlefield.

Inherent Skill


Throw the burning boomerang forward and inflict Burn Damage. Hold RMB to continue attacking the enemies.

Thaw Winter

Summon a burning boomerang that spins on the spot and repeatedly attack the enemies, inflicting Burn Damage.

Shining Light

Raise the Vitclari to inclict damage to nearby enemies and knock them back with its blinding light.

Burning Hula Hoop

The burning boomerang spins around Durgeff inflicting Burn Damage to nearby enemies.

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