Outsider on the Borderline - Year 266

A half-elf born to an elvish father and a human mother.
Being a half-blood, she grew up without being part of
any human or elf society. She was alone for most of her life
despite her excellent archery skills.
However, everything changed when she met the Secret Guards.



Combat Style Ranged
Weapons [Main] Longbow / [Sub] -

Orwen has a very long ranged Hero as her main weapon is her longbow.
She does, however, lack HP and defensive skills. So, she will be at a disadvantage if someone closes in on her.
Therefore, it is crucial for her to keep her distance, stay out of enemies' vision, and help her team by firing arrows from afar.

Inherent Skill

Thunderbolt Arrow

Instill the energy of lightning into the arrow and fire.
The damage increases the longer its charged. Click LMB or RMB while charging to fire the arrow immediately.

Twin Fairy Arrow

Borrow the power of the twin fairies for a short time to fire an additional Twin Fairy Arrow to increase damage and projectile speed.

Arrow Storm

Shoot multiple arrows forward then perform a somersault backwards.
More arrows will hit enemies standing close and deal more damage.

Shower of Arrows

Gather the power of the fairies to fire a countless number of arrows into the sky to rain down on an area.

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