Ba-Ri & Heilang

Princess of a Fallen Kingdom - Year 272

The princess of a fallen kingdom grew up on Haemo Island
under Hwisa's care. However, the army of the east
eventually heard the rumors and tracked her down.
Ba-Ri was barely able to escape thanks to Hwisa and
her life-long friend, Heilang. Encouraged by Hwisa's words,
she now begins her journey to discover who she really is.



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Celestial Bo Staff / [Sub] Ornamental Knot

Ba-Ri & Heilang attack using the Celestial Bo Staff and Heilang. This allows them to create a variety of attack patterns.
Ba-Ri can order Heilang to attack and it will attack enemies at random or order it to wait. Furthermore, Ba-Ri can ride Heilang and fight, or move towards each other. However, fighting without Heilang could be dangerous, so plan accordingly.

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