Ba-ri & Heilang

Princess of a Fallen Kingdom - Year 272

The princess of a fallen kingdom grew up on Haemo Island
under Hwisa's care. However, the army of the east
eventually heard the rumors and tracked her down.
Ba-ri was barely able to escape thanks to Hwisa and
her life-long friend, Heilang. Encouraged by Hwisa's words,
she now begins her journey to discover who she really is.



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Celestial Bo Staff / [Sub] Ornamental Knot

Ba-ri & Heilang attack using the Celestial Bo Staff and Heilang. This allows them to create a variety of attack patterns. Ba-ri can order Heilang to attack and it will attack enemies at random or order it to wait. Furthermore, Ba-ri can ride Heilang and fight, or move towards each other. However, fighting without Heilang could be dangerous, so plan accordingly.

Inherent Skill


Command Heilang to do one of the following.
· Wait: Call Heilang to Ba-ri's location. She can ride Heilang and "Where Are You Heilang?" effect will be applied for 30 sec.
· Help: Attack enemies randomly as Heilang follows Ba-ri around. If Ba-ri starts attaking a target, then it will attack the same target.

Monkey: Reach!

Climb up on the staff then jump into the air. While in the air, turn and move around then swing down with the staff.
Able to move farther on higher locations.
If Heilang is helping, it will come to Ba-ri and be ordered to Bite attack.

Tiger: Chase! / Where Are You Heilang?

Order Heilang to do a Charge attack. Call Heilang to Ba-ri's location if it's far.
However, if "Where Are You Heilang?" is active, Ba-ri will teleport to Heilang's side.

Crow: Shoo!

Twirl the staff while walking forward and hit nearby enemies, then swing up to send enemies flying.
Press LMB to immediately stop twirling and swing early.

Heilang's Territory

Order Heilang to create a hunting ground around its location. All allies in Heilang's Territory, including Ba-ri, will have Super Armor.

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