Sura of the Six Blades - Year 237

There was once a feared swordsman
known only by the name "Sura."
At the end of a bloody war, he left everything behind
to begin his life anew as a vagabond.
Concealed by a bamboo hat, he atoned for his past atrocities
by helping people in need. Once he grew old,
it was told all of his skills were passed down to his pupil.



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Sura Katanas / [Sub] Ornamental Knot

Sura wields the Sura Katanas. His skills are based around quickdraw techniques with his katanas as he constantly switches forms to cut through his enemies.
He has a form for each of his skills, which gives him access to five skills with his inherent skill "Sixth Blade: Free-Form". He uses precise, ruthless techniques for head-on strikes, attacks from behind, or to effortlessly dodge incoming blows. He does, however, fall behind in defensive prowess compared to other Heroes. He is able to offset this by recovering HP as he sheaths his katanas.

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