Slaughterer of Kirin Castle

The child born under the orchid of Kirin Castle
was revered by everyone. Her blossoming beauty
and popularity earned her the king's hatred.
She was then forced to runaway to save herself,
but lost the love of her life.
Later, she returned to the castle alone with vengeance
and slaughtered everyone in Kirin castle.



Combat Style Mid-range
Weapons [Main] Crescent Pendulum / [Sub] Noble Sword

Lahn can utilize AoE skills using her Crescent Pendulum to inflict a great amount of damage. Lahn is capable of changing the tide of the battles as she can instantly pull in the enemy from afar through her skill "Hell Flower" for allies to attack. Also, her unique skill "Nimbus Stride" has endless possibilities, since this allows Lahn to run in the air without space constraints for a certain amount of time. The crux of this skill is that the skill preparation motion creates a momentary weakpoint, so the skill must be used carefully at the right timing.

Inherent Skill

  • Hell Flower

    Throw the Crescent Pendulum forward with all your strength. Enemies hit are knocked down. Then quickly retrieve the Crescent Pendulum lodged in the ground to pull the enemy in.

    Third Blade

    Swings a Crescent Pendulum to stun an enemy, and then knock them back with a final attack.

  • Winter Petal A

    Throw the Crescent Pendulum to the enemy and rapidly dash forward. Upon hit, spin into the air and smash down, blowing back the enemy.

    Winter Petal B

    Throw the Crescent Pendulum to the enemy to knock them back, and use the Crescent Pendulum's recoil to knock them up and then blow them away.

  • Crimson Nether Flower A

    Swing the Crescent Pendulum while walking forward to rapidly attack nearby enemies. Reuse during combo for the final attack.

    Crimson Nether Flower B

    Quickly dash forward to close the distance between the enemy, and then swing the crescent pendulum to knock down enemies.

  • Nimbus Stride A

    Focus your energy on to your feet, then leap into the air to move quickly. Reuse or press LMB in the air to drop and attack forward.

    Nimbus Stride B

    Concentrate your energy on your feet, then jump into the air and land gently.
    While midair, press R or LMB to immediately dive down while knocking down enemies.

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