Badal the Golden

Lancelot Bartali - Year 229

Lancelot Bartali was the captain of the Golden Sunset,
yet was shipwrecked in the Margoria Sea,
floating adrift until he reached the Kingdom of Haso.
While searching for gold, he met and became
the apprentice to an old master.
Later he gained fame as "Badal the Golden."



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Gardbrace / [Sub] Vambrace

Badal the Golden is a master fighter capable of approaching enemies in the blink of an eye and deal devastating combo attacks using Asura Tread.
In particular, Badal can make a combo of his skills through enhancement, along with mighty blows and rapid grab skill that can ignore enemies’ guard and super armor.
As you build on the mastery of Badal the Golden, you will be able to perform stylish combos that well match different situations in battle.
However, it may be challenging to perform combos in full in team fights as Badal the Golden has quite a limited attack range and lacks defensive ability.

Inherent Skill

Asura Tread

Consume Stamina to quickly approach the enemy. Click LMB to use Vice.
Vice: Throw an upper cut and float the enemy. Cooldown will be applied when using Vice.

Thunder Breaker

Rapidly throw an upper cut and float the enemy.

Sleeve Tangler

Lift the enemy up by their neck and deal a devastating blow. Cooldown -3 sec when missed.

Golden Gate

Call upon the ancestral spirit to strengthen your body. Increase AP. Cooldown -2 sec for all other skills. While the buff is in effect, all other skills will be enhanced.
[Enhanced: Vice] : Hold LMB after using [Vice] to perform a powerful extra attack and blow up the enemy.
[Enhanced: Thunder Breaker] : Reuse or press LMB after using Thunder Breaker to perform a powerful extra attack and blow away the enemy.
[Enhanced: Sleeve Tangler] : Perform a devastating extra attack after using Sleeve Tangler and blow away the enemy.

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