Badal the Golden

Lancelot Bartali - Year 229

Lancelot Bartali was the captain of the Golden Sunset,
yet was shipwrecked in the Margoria Sea,
floating adrift until he reached the Kingdom of Haso.
While searching for gold, he met and became
the apprentice to an old master.
Later he gained fame as "Badal the Golden."



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Gardbrace / [Sub] Vambrace

Badal the Golden specializes in combos using quick grapples and attacks while persistently closing the distance between him and his opponent.
Badal's specialty in Skill Enhancement allows for a variety of skill combos and fast attacks. As challengers hone their mastery in Badal, they will be able to engage in a stylish form of combat using combos perfect for any situation. Rather than focusing all of his strength in one combo, you need to observe the entire flow of the battle, predict the enemy's next move, and counterattack at the right moment.

Inherent Skill

Asura Tread

Lower your stance and quickly approach the enemy. Movement speed increases as you near the enemy.
Press LMB to blow an upper cut.

Helix Cannon

Charge wind's energy into your hands and blast a powerful attack. Charging allows you to attack enemies at a distance more rapidly.
Press LMB while charging to attack instantly. Enhancing the skill makes it faster and more powerful.

Sleeve Tangler

Lift the enemy up by their neck and deal a devastating blow. Enemies who are hit will be blown back.
Enhancing the skill will make the attack more powerful. Press LMB while the skill is enhanced for an additional strike.

Thunder Breaker

Split lightning and knock up the enemy. You can perform an extra attack if you hit the enemy while the skill is enhanced.
Press LMB at the precise moment to get up to 3 extra hits.

Golden Gate

Call upon the ancestral spirit to strengthen your body. The next skill used will be enhanced and the buff will disappear.
Use Golden Gate again while the buff is still active to consume stamina and increase your AP.

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