The Legendary Mercenary - Year 273

Legends say that
Goyen first took part in a battle when he was only 14 years old.
Since then, Goyen fought countless battles and earned respect
from both allies and foes. Goyen's signature weapon was
a large steel greatsword, which he wielded with ease
and exceptional skill. From all his feats and accomplishment,
he was best known for establishing the legendary
Goyen Mercenaries at a mere young age of 32.
However, Goyen met an unfortunate end
when he was betrayed by Dandelion in 274.



Combat Style Melee
Weapons [Main] Great Sword / [Sub] Ornamental Knot

Goyen is characterized by his destructive skills that inflict AoE damage using a Great Sword.
His attacks must be used with caution as they are powerful but very slow, and consumes his own HP. However, his skills do not consume his HP when it is below 20%, which may create an opportunity to turn the tables.

Inherent Skill


Deliver a spinning slash using the great sword.
Hold RMB to constantly consume your own HP to inflict even more damage.
You will get super armor while you are performing a spinning slash.

Iron Pulverizer

Quickly dash forward to perform a thrusting attack.
Click LMB after the dashing movement to perform an additional attack.

Corpse Cut

Jump high and smash down hard with the great sword while ignoring enemy's attack.
Grants super armor until the end of the attack.

Grave Digger

Float the enemy then smash down hard with the great sword to inflict massive damage.
Grants super armor until the end of the attack.

Blood Flurry

Deliver a storm-like rushing attack using the great sword. Temporarily decrease the opponent's movement speed.
Hold LMB to continue the attack in succession until you consume all the stamina.

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