Where countless fall and only one can stand
Forty fighters battling for dominance in the Shadow Arena, but there can only be one victor.

Battle Royale

Experience a new style of PvP action where tension and impact can be felt from every corner of the arena as soon as the match begins.
The most battle-hardened heroes of Black Desert will fight until only one is left standing.
Select your hero and make your stand in the arena.
Block and dodge attacks from all directions and escape the dark fog swallowing the arena in darkness.

What will you do
to survive

Swords, weapons, and powerful spells.
Fight face to face or use any tactic at your disposal.
Ancient guardians and giant dragons constantly threaten the lives of all.
What will you do to win?

There is only one rule in Shadow Arena
Fight 'til you are the last one standing

Enter the Arena shrouded in darkness
Where only the Strong survives


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