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ShadowArena 2021-01-28 07:00 (UTC+0)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.   


Here are the updates to January 28 (Thu). 

* Patch Size: Approx. 282.31MB


Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena! 



 New Hero “Wu-Ju” & “Tantu”  

- Added Hero “Wu-Ju” and “Tantu.” 


▶ Go to the [Wu-Ju Guide]. 



▶ Go to the [Tantu Guide].   



■ Black Spirit Skills 

- Added new Black Spirit Skill “Restrain.” 

Black Spirit Skill 

Skill Descriptions 


Kick a nearby enemy and apply a powerful CC on them.  

Cooldown time: 30 seconds 

Improved the Black Spirit Skill icon.  

 We added Kick as a Black Spirit Skill, a previously used frequently in comboes. Its Attack Range and Damage is lower than before, but the skill can cc the enemy for a longer period of time.  



■ Heroes 


l All 

Reduced the amount of damage received as DP increasesMeaningDP efficiency has increased. 

At 0 DP, the damage taken is the same as before. At 300 DP, damage received is decreased by 7%. At 500 DPdamage received is decreased by 9%. 

- Fixed an issue where Heroes run in a non-combat stance when they start running right away after falling from a higher position in a crouching or prone position.

It was hard to balance between AP and DP before Ignore DP was implemented into the game. If we increased the AP efficiency, most players would focus only on getting more AP, but if we increase the DP efficiency, most players would focus only on getting DP. As we applied the concept of Ignore DP, we also slightly increased the efficiency of DP. Ignore DP will be more effective against enemies with higher DP, making it more effective than flat AP increases. 




Increased the base HP by 800.  

  > (before) 5,200  (after) 6,000  



Increased the base HP by 800.  

  > (before) 5,200  (after) 6,000  



Increased the base HP by 700.  

  > (before) 4,500  (after) 5,200  



Increased the base HP by 800.  

  > (before) 5,200  (after) 6,000  

- Fixed an issue where stealth is cancelled by using a HP Potion.  

- Fixed an issue where the fall motion is repeated when falling from a cliff. 

We increased a certain amount of HP for Heroes with low HP to utilize the effect of increasing DP efficiency.   



Added skill introduction videos in the Hero Overview.

- Fixed an issue where she only attacks in the direction the camera is facing when making a sprint attack in Patience Stance.


l Switch Stance (RMB) 

Improved the skill to change stances immediately upon use 


l Courage Stance – Radiant Pursuit (Q) 

Increased the duration oStiffness when successfully landing a dash attack. 

  > (before) 0.1 second per Hit → (after0.3 second per Hit 

Added Stiffness and Stiffness Super Armor to the skill descriptions 


l Patience Stance – Sacred Barrier (Q) 

Fixed an issue where the Knockback effect explanation wasn’t in the skill descriptions. 


l Courage Stance – Blades of Retribution (E) 

Increased the duration of stiffness after making a hit.  

  > (before) 0.1 seconds → (after) 0.3 seconds 

Added Stiffness and Stiffness Super Armor to the skill descriptions.  


l Patience Stance – Breath of Elion (E) 

Increased the Casting Speed by 25%.  

Increased the buff application range by 50%. 

Increased the amount of HP recovered when using the skill is charged up to level 3.  

  > (before) 1,800 → (after) 2,100 

Adjusted the Attack Speed and the Movement Speed Increase Buff by level as follows. 

  > (before) 4 / 8 / 12 → (after) 5 / 10 / 15  


l Courage Stance – Heavenly Descent (R) 

Decreased the skill cooldown time by 8 seconds when the aimed shot misses. 

Increased the first hit range by 50%.  

Changed the visuals of the first attack and increased its falling speed by 50%.  

Changed the CC effect of the falling hit as follows. 

  > (beforeKnockup 1 second → (afterBlowback, Guard Break 0.9 seconds 

Fixed an issue where the weapon effect is shown when she disappears after using the skill while the weapon skin is applied.  


l Patience Stance – Judgement of Light (R) 

Improved cooldown time to decrease 8 seconds when failing to make an aim. 


Venslar has both the characteristics of an offensive stance and a defensive stance. So, we set her capabilities lower than other Heroes that only focused on a single characteristic. However, we also found that the utility of her stances were too low. As such, we made it easier for her to switch stances and buffed some of her skill effects.   




Fixed an issue where the fall motion is repeated when falling from a cliff. 



Added skill introduction videos in the Hero introduction. 



■ Systems 


l Tier Point 

Fixed an issue where additional 7 Tier Points were gained. 


l Gameplay 

Fixed an issue where party members sometimes get stuck in terrains after the jump in the beginning of the match. 


l Blackstar Fragment 
Changed game feature to obtain 10 additional tokens when earning Blackstar Fragment. 


l Buff Explanation 

- Improved the buff explanations that are shown when the Stoneback Crabs and other rare monsters are defeated. 


l Relic of Time 

- Added the objective “Relic of Time” that decreases the time required to conquer the Light of Ascension. 

> Inactivated “Relic of Time” will appear in four places on the World Map one minute after the match begins. 



> A “Lightbringer” will appear in the Southwest Vineyard one minute after the match begins. 


> The lightbringer will activate nearby Relics of Time and move to the next Relic of Time.   



  When certain players move closer to the activated Relic of Time, they will earn 150 tokens and the time required to ascend will decrease (A maximum of 7 seconds will decrease when players get all 4 Relics of Time). 

  When the player moves near the “Lightbringer” they will create tokens on the spot and move more quickly. (30 tokens will be made when moving towards the second Relic of Time, 50 tokens will be made when moving towards the third Relic of Time, and 100 tokens will be made when moving towards the last Relic of Time.) 


l AI player  

Changed AI players to conquer the Tower of Ascension or interfere with other parties that are conquering it. 


l Shop 

Added DP +30 to all shoes/boots. 

Changed the items available in the Shop to the following. 


Item Name  




Beacon of Light 

(purchase price) 300 

(purchase price) 200 


Chain Mail Armor 

[Use EffectDP +300 for 4 sec 

[Use EffectDamage Reflection for 4 sec (Attacking enemy’s HP –3%) 

Cooldown: 40 sec 
※ Only able to purchase ONE 

[Use Effect] DP +500 for 4 sec 

[Use Effect] Damage Reflection for 4 sec (Attacking enemy’s HP –3%) 

Cooldown: 35 sec 
※ Only able to purchase ONE 


Axe of Carnage 

(Purchase Price) 2,600 

(Purchase Price) 2,700 


Added following items to Shop. 


Item Name  



Elion’s Long Spear 

AP +30 

Ignore DP 30% 


(Purchase Price) 2,700 

We added a defensive effect to the shoe items as the effect did not match its price. As we mentioned earlier, Elion’s Long Spear has an Ignore DP effect and can be of much value to players with high DP.



■ Item Preset 

Added a feature where you can save Item PresetsYou can designate in which order you want to purchase items during a match. 

You can save up to 4 Item Presets through Main Menu > Presets 

You can edit the Presets in the Character Selection window or in-game Shop. 

You can change the name of the Preset by going to Main Menu > Presets. 



■ Hero Status UI 

- Added Hero Status UI where you can check the information about enemies in game.  

- Press V to see item information, AP, and DP of your enemies. 

- If an enemy comes within your or your allies’ vision range, the information will be updated. 



■ UI 

When defeating certain monsters or destroying objectivesthe type of buff given to the player will be shown above the UI that shows the amount of tokens obtainedFor examplewhen defeating the Shadow Lord, you will be able to see how much Party AP or DP has increased. 

Added a feature where you can check the remaining time for the next Shadow Lord to appear on the World Map. 

Following last weekicons of some items in Shop have been visually upgraded. 

Revamped Shop item placement. 

  > Moved the recommended item section to the right.  

  > Expanded the size of item list.  

Improved readability of aiming icons in basic and PvP mode.  



■ Official Website Fixes and Improvements 


l [Arena Board] - [Ranking] 

Deleted “Random” category in the Rankings.  



Greetings, this is the Shadow Arena Development Team. 


We would like to once again send our deepest gratitude to our players that are giving us support and heartfelt advice on the new directions we took as of January 7, 2021.  

As we listened to what our precious players voiced about the changes, we made them our focus as we polished the renewed Trio Mode, Heroes, and made the game easier to get adjusted. 


There are three major changes made in this update: UI that shows enemy information, Relic of Time, and the Item Presets. 


First, here is a simple explanation for the UI that shows the enemy’s information. This UI will enable players to create strategies catered for the enemies build. For example, when the enemy has high DP, players can get Ignore DP items, or if the enemy has high AP, player can increase their chances of survival by buying DP items. 

Next, the Relics of Time. They can significantly reduce the time it takes to ascend. If all the Relics of Time are obtained and the team succeeds in conquering the Relic of Ascension, they can ascend in just 3 seconds. As such, players can select survival items and appropriate Heroes that can last until the Relic of Ascension appears.  

We think the above strategy is a viable way of winning without defeating all the enemies. 


Third, Item Presets. These were added so that players can plan on how to progress their Hero before they enter a match. However, players will need to purchase different items according to how their enemies are progressing. So, it is not advised for players to stick strictly to a preset if they want to get deep into the gameplay strategy and win victory.  

After we announced the Shadow Arena Renewal, we are continuously contemplating on what our players have voiced: deepening the strategic aspect of the game, making the game more fun to play, and diversifying the usage of Heroes. 


To simply explain a few aspects of these concepts, we are planning to diversify the late stages of the game, change the weather and environment with rain or snow, and more. 

We will continuously strive to improve our gameplay quality through many more preparations and contemplations.  

We will let our players know when more details can be put forth. 


And of course, we are still in the process of building our Shadow Arena.  

We will continue to listen in to our player’s voices and make rapid changes and improvements to cover the points we still lack. 

We would like to once again give our heartfelt gratitude to our players, and that we will do our best for the betterment of our game. 

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