Updates [Update] July 23 (Thu) Maintenance Update Details (Modified)
ShadowArena 2020-07-23 10:00 (UTC+0)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on July 23 (Thu).     

* Patch Size: 502.41 MB (Approx.) 


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!      



■ Tier Structure Revamp 

- Player Tiers were revamped for the Beta Season Round 2.  

  > Tier Points will be updated based on the results at the end of each game and will determine if a promotion/demotion match takes place for changes in Tier.    

  > A player can qualify for a promotion match to a higher Tier when they reach 100 points,  

  > If a player’s Tier Points reaches 0, a tier demotion will occur.  

 > After the start of each round, the results of the first 5 games will determine which Tier placement a player receives.  


- Please refer to the link below for more details on how the Tier structure was revamped including information about Tier points and promotion requirements. (Modified)
     ▶ Learn more about Player Tiers 


As previewed in the Dev Note on July 17th, the upcoming Round 2 will be 1 month long. The reason why this round is shorter is to see and add upon the many changes we made to the tier’s structure, since we plan to adjust the structure and length of round 3 based on the results of round 2. And the reason why we changed the way tier promotions work is due to how in the previous structure there were times where your ranking would be stuck and then you’d suddenly be rapidly promoted at one go until you’d return to being stuck again, so we want to maintain the tension players feel by showing them their next goal instead.    


■ New Hero ‘Gorgath’ 

- Gorgath, a new Hero, was added. 

  > Gorgath is a Hero that summons rock and boulders to take control of an area. 

▶ Learn more about Gorgath 

- Added Titles for achieving Gorgath’s Mastery levels. 

  > Gorgath Rookie 

  > Gorgath Expert 

  > Gorgath Master 

- Added a new item “Energy Recovery Potion” which can be obtained by using the skill Forbidden Alchemy (4). 

  > Energy Recovery Potion: Fully recover stamina over 0.5 seconds. 

Gorgath is a Hero designed with very unique mechanics. He calls forth rocks and boulders with his Inherent Skill (RMB) and either shoots these rocks out as projectiles or wreaks havoc by creating a whirlwind with them, making him a Hero that offers a different kind of fun by having truly unique skill combos from other Heroes. Since Gorgath can summon up to 4 rocks at a time, you’ll have to carefully use his skills by strategically placing and preparing his rocks for battle against his foes, so you can position yourself to claim victory.  


■ Clan 

- Added a Clan Flag teleport feature. 

  > The Clan Flag can only be summoned in the Sparring Grounds by the Clan Master. It can be summoned with a button and allows fellow clan members to instantly teleport to the flag’s location. 

  > The Summon Clan Flag ability has a cooldown of 10 minutes. 

  > Clan members can instantly teleport to the flag’s location with the P button. 

- Added a UI to the Clan window where you can view your clan members’ current Tiers.   

- Added the ability to use the Clan Chat feature in a game.  


We want to make the Sparring Grounds a place where clans can meet up by introducing an ability to call clan members to one place with a Flag. Once a Flag is placed, clan members can instantly teleport to that location. We’ll continue to add various features to the Sparring Grounds to make it a place where players can practice and play around.   


■ Dark Shift (Q) and Blink (E) 

-  Added a cooldown reduction system to Dark Shift (Q) that will reduce the cooldown time whenever you are debuffed by a Crowd Control (CC) skill. 

  > Stiffness: 2 seconds  

  > Knockback: 3 seconds  

  > Grab, Freeze, Knockdown, Stun: 4 seconds 

  > The cooldown reduction is more for skills that inflict debuffs multiple times such as Gerhard Shultz’s Bestial Howl or Venslar’s Radiant Pursuit.   

- Blink (E) can now be used regardless of the situation (excluding while being CC'd by Knockdown, Stiffness, etc.). 

- Dark Shift can now be used regardless of the situation.  

- Dark Shift (Q) will now push back based upon the hit point.  


This change is one of the major changes developed for the start of round 2. By changing Dark Shift, we want to encourage continued fights since Dark Shift will be available more often in long drawn out engagements or after an intense battle, and as well as when you are attacked by multiple enemies or to penalize combos that are too long/hit too many times.  


Additionally, we believe you’ve probably had cases where you were mashing the Q/E button because you wanted to avoid an enemy’s attack with Dark Shift or Blink, but it wouldn’t activate when you wanted it to. In the previous round, there were situations where Dark Shift and Blink were not usable during certain actions, which probably caused many players to be frustrated as they didn’t know when it was restricted. That’s why with this new round, we’ve improved Dark Shift to make it usable in any situation and made Blink usable as long as your Hero’s actions are not restricted.   


As these changes can have an immense impact on the game’s landscape, we’ll keep a close eye on how they pan out and make any necessary adjusts next week. 


■ Jump Gate 

- Changed Jump Gates to appear in 6 fixed locations in the center and north of the map.  

  > A Jump Gate will also randomly appear in one location at the bottom of the map.  


This is another major change for round 2. Along with the Ancient Altars, which activate in order, the location of the Jump Gates was an important factor for setting the tactical flow during a match, but the Jump Gates’ random locations often made establishing a clear, repeatable strategy somewhat useless.  

Also, the northern area of the map didn’t have as many advantages as a starting point compared to the center and southern areas of the map, which have many Ancient Altars and good monster zones. So, we’ve placed the Jump Gates in the north as a contrast to the Ancient Altars in the south. We hope this will let players create more diverse strategies for all stages in a match.  

However, to keep a surprise factor in a match, one Jump Gate will be in a random location in the south.   


■ Heroes 

- Heroes will now display a visual effect above their heads when a Super Armor, Defensive, or Invincibility buff is active. 

  > Note: Skills that make a Hero disappear (Rolling, Ahon Kirus’ Phantom Raven, Haru’s Mirage, Yeonhwa’s Red Moon, etc.) will not display this visual effect even if it has an Invincibility or Super Armor buff.   

- Fixed an issue where Lahn, Yeonhwa, Ahon Kirus, Herawen, Haru, and Venslar using a Kick (F) backwards while not moving appeared as if they were kicking in their original direction from the perspective of other players.  

- Removed the visual effect when a Hero gets the Aal's Eye buff.  

- Fixed an issue where the DP +8% buff was not applied when hit by a Stun or knocked down in place. 

- Fixed an issue where the 8% damage reduction buff was not applied when hit by a Stun or knocked down in place.

We understood and deliberated quite a bit about how difficult it was for players to see when the Super Armor or forward guard was active. With the introduction of a visual effect for Super Armor and forward guard in this update, we believe you’ll have that difficulty.   


We also discovered and fixed an issue where the temporary DP buff you’d get for being repeatedly CC’d was not being applied when Stunned or knocked down in place. The impact of this change will reduce the damage of several skills (e.g. Bestial Howl) and combos that stun or knock down a Hero in place and rapidly deal consecutive hits.   



- Sun of Destruction - Ultimate Level (4): Fixed an issue where the graphical effect of skill would linger above her head when interrupted by being attacked immediately after using the skill.   

- Sun of Destruction (4): Fixed the max damage in the skill description to match the actual damage dealt.  

  > Level 1: 810 → 972 

  > Level 2: 972 → 1166 

  > Level 3: 1296 → 1555 

  > Ultimate: 1296 → 1555 


While we only fixed a simple bug for this update, we are still keeping a close eye out to make sure Ahon Kirus isn’t too strong, and we might make some minor adjustments next week if we feel it is necessary.  


- Rock Smash (2): Fixed the max damage in the Level 1 skill description to match the actual damage dealt.  

  > Level 1: 328 → 560 


We’ve fixed the skill description of level 1 Rock Smash since it stated the damage as lower than the actual damage. (Only the skill description was changed, and the actual damage remain unchanged.)  


- Fixed an issue where using Natural Marksman (RMB) without any stamina caused Orwen to stop moving.  


- Sleeve Tangler (2) - Ultimate Level: Adjusted the 3rd strike to activate a little bit faster than before.  

- Sleeve Tangler (2) - Ultimate Level: Fixed an issue where damage would sporadically not be inflicted.  


There were cases where the strike of the Sleeve Tangler’s Ultimate Level wouldn’t land if the timing was slightly delayed or you were behind a wall, so we’ve adjusted the strike's timing to make it land more reliably.  



- Reduced the base damage of crouching attacks from 2.5 times to 2 times.   

- Corpse Cut (2) - Ultimate Level: Fixed an issue where the DP buff was not applied when using the skill.  

- Blood Flurry (4): Fixed the max damage is in the skill description to match the actual damage dealt.  

  > Level 1: 2851 → 2794 

  > Level 2: 3706 → 3666 

  > Level 3: 5132 → 5053 

  > Ultimate Level: 5132 → 5053 


We’ve fixed the skill description of Blood Flurry, since it stated the damage as lower than the actual damage. (Only the skill description was changed, and the actual damage remain unchanged.)   


In addition, while most Heroes’ crouching attack is set to be 2.5 times the basic attack damage, Goyen’s basic attack is much higher due to his slower attack speed, so we felt 2.5 times this higher damage was too much and reduced the damage his crouching attack.   


- Hell Flower (2): Reduced the casting time of all levels by 30%.  

- Nimbus Stride (4): Changed all levels of the skill to activate a spinning attack as a combo after the stab attack.  


As Lahn has a unique characteristic of being able to fly through the air, we kept her combat abilities at a lower end for her launch. However, she has had low win/kill rates for the past 3 weeks, so we’ve significantly improved Hell Flower by lowering the casting time to allow you to string combos together with other skills.  


■ Monster  

- Fixed an issue where the –50% DP reduction effect in the Dark Fog was not taking effect.   

- Defeated Ruins Golems will no longer drop Lightstones.   

- AI Bots will now use the skills Dark Shift (Q) and Blink (E) less frequently in combat.  

- Fixed AI Bots to be knocked down the same amount of time as normal Heroes when inflicted by a Float debuff.  

- Changed AI Bots to gradually gain more DP as time goes by in a game.   

- Fixed an issue where projectiles would sporadically be blocked in the Dark Fog.  


We apologize, but there was an issue where the DP reduction effect in the Dark Fog wasn’t being applied. Due to this fix in this round, we believe that players can turn the tide by fighting outside of the Dark Fog or tracking down the enemy while the safe zone gets smaller even if farming doesn’t go well. 


■ Item  

-  The Red Dragon compass and map icon will no longer be displayed when the Red Dragon’s Offering is used.   

- Changed the damage dealt by the Red Dragon’s flame breath from fixed damage to normal damage that is affected by DP.  

- Fixed an issue where too little Guard Capacity was consumed when attacked by a Red Dragon. 


In order to raise the surprise and use of the Red Dragon, we’ve made changes to make it harder to know the location of the Red Dragon in advance. We also fixed the Red Dragon’s fire breath so it will no longer be completely blocked by a guard.  


■ Event 

- [Gorgath, I Choose You!] event has started. 

  > Event Period: July 23, 2020 (Thu) after maintenance - July 30, 2020 (Thu) before maintenance   > Get an [Event] All-Hero Pass (1 Day) that lets you freely play all the Shadow Arena Heroes for 1 day.  

▶ Go to the [Gorgath, I Choose You!] Event 


- [GET 3X SILVER!] event has started. 

  > Event: July 23, 2020 (Thu) after maintenance – August 6, 2020 (Thu) before maintenance   

  > Get 3 times the silver from Solo/Team/AI matches during the event period.  

▶ Go to the [GET 3X SILVER!] Event 


■ Fixes and Improvements 

- Changed the AI match difficulty options to Easy and Hard.  

  > Hardcore mode is now only playable in Custom mode.  

- Changed the basic setting for pressing the Storage button in the Lobby to open the Shop Storage.    

- Changed the in-game Skill window to display skill descriptions for all levels even if the Chat window is opened.  

- Changed the Hero Selection screen to have Gorgath be displayed at the top.  

- Changed the Hero Selection UI as follows.   

  > Slots at the bottom of the Hero list will now only display half the slot.  

  > Added a scroll bar to the left of the Hero list.  

  > Added an arrow to the bottom of the Hero list.  

- Changed the message that appeared when failing to enter a Custom room due to an incorrect password.  

- Added informational text to the Report UI asking players to fill out the reason for sending their report to help us perform a better investigation.   

- Changed the match results screen to always display the placement, kill score, and ranking point categories even if the page is turned.  

- Changed the text of the Clan tab to have the same color as the chat when on the in-game Chat window.   

- Fixed an issue where the Voice Chat UI would sporadically behave abnormally when entering a Team match.  

- Changed the Combo Guide to behave normally even if a skill is leveled up in-game.  

- Changed the text of the in-game Chat type settings button from “Guild” to “Clan”.  

- The Friend UI will now be displayed when receiving a Friend Request.  



Thank you.