Updates [Update] February 18 (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2021-02-18 06:00 (UTC+0)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.


Here are the updates to February 18 (Thu).

* Patch Size: Approx. 313.76 MB


Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena!



■ New Heroes “Ba-Ri & Heilang” & “Sura”


- Added the Heroes “Ba-Ri & Heilang” and “Sura.”



▶ Go to [Guide for Ba-Ri & Heilang]



▶ Go to [Guide for Sura]



■ Heroes


| All Heroes

- Fixed the issue where the character would freeze when jumping on the spot with Movement Speed +40% or higher.

- Changed all Heroes’ jumps to not be affected by their movement speed.

- Added a sentence about the maximum number of hits for each of the skill descriptions.




| Spinning Slash (E)

- Removed the decimal point of damage in the skill description.




- Fixed the issue where it was unable to perform a basic attack combo diagonally.

- Reduced the time taken from the first basic attack to moving by 30%.


| Red Moon (R)

- Changed the total number of hits from 13 to 11.

> Total amount of damage was not changed.


| Head Shot (E)

- Fixed the issue where shots would not hit enemies far away even though they were aimed at precisely.




| Heart Stab (Q)

- Added details to effect “Bleed” in the skill description.




| Bestial Howl (R)

- Changed the total number of hits from 12 to 10.

> Total amount of damage has not changed.




| Thunderbolt Arrow (RMB)

- Fixed the issue where shots would not hit enemies far away even though they were aimed at precisely.

- Changed to be able to charge light by holding RMB. (Added)




| Blood Flurry (R)

- Changed the total number of hits from 43 to 22.

- Changed the phrase “HP +200 per hit” to “HP +127 per hit” in skill description.

> Total amount of damage and absorbable HP were not changed.


[Dev’s note]

In the previous skill description for Blood Flurry, it said “HP +200 per hit”. However, it actually was happening per 3 hits. (Max HP Recovery: HP +200 per 3 hits x 14 = 2,800). Therefore, we changed that HP will be absorbed on each hit and fixed the skill description to be closer to its actual effect. Max HP recovery is now slightly decreased (127 x 22 hits = 2,794), but HP will now recover more frequently on each hit instead.



- Lateral attacks are now available with basic attacks.


| Heavenly Descent (R)

- Fixed a typo in the phrase about floating the enemy in the skill description.

- Added skill introduction videos in the Hero Overview.




| Heart Gouge (R)

- Changed the total number of hits from 14 to 11.

> Max damage and the enemy pulling effect have not changed.




| Overload (R)

- Fixed a typo in the skill description regarding the decrease in attack speed.

- Added skill introduction videos in the Hero Overview.




- Added skill introduction videos in the Hero Overview.




- Added skill introduction videos in the Hero Overview.




- Added skill introduction videos in the Hero Overview.




| Asura Tread (RMB)

- Fixed the issue where skills could be used right away after using Asura Tread twice.

- Fixed the issue where he would go through the enemy when comboing Vice with a basic attack.

- Fixed a typo in the skill description regarding the attack range.

> (Before) 150 → (After) 200


| Thunder Breaker (Q)

- Fixed the issue where hits were not applied when Thunder Breaker hit downward twice.

- Super Armor will now remain in effect as long as the player’s feet are off the ground while using the skill.


| Sleeve Tangler (E)

- Fixed a typo in the skill description regarding the attack range.

> (Before) 200 → (After) 180


[Dev Note]

Like we mentioned on our previous update, we are adjusting the number of hits for each of the skills to balance the on-hit effect items. There were no changes made to the skills’ total damage, debuff duration, and total amount of HP absorbed. However, as the effects are focused on to fewer hits, the person getting hit will feel less of a hit delay.



■ Black Spirit Skill

- Changed the damage of Matchlock against monsters.




0 - 2,500

Max damage applied

Max damage applied

2,500 - 5,000

No additional damage against monsters

½ of max damage applied

- Fixed the issue where player would keep holding the Matchlock when they used Kick right after the Matchlock.



■ Player Report

- Added the function to report a suspicious player in the results screen.

- Improved the sytem to clearly show that the report was successfully submitted. (Added)




■ Content


| Shop

- Deleted the item “Corrupted Hook.”

- Fixed the issue where the Hunting Boots actually applied +150 AP against Monsters (fixed it to +200 to match its description).

- Changed the buff icon description of Chain Mail Armor to match the actual effect from 3% to 4%.

- Effects of some starting items have been changed as below:




Shadow Dagger

Attack Speed +4%

AP +30

Attack Speed +4%

AP +40

Shadow Bow

Movement Speed +5%

AP against Monsters +100

Movement Speed +5%

AP against Monsters +80


- Item effects have been changed as below: 






Chain Mail Armor

[Use Effect]

DP +500 for 5 sec

Damage Reflection for 5 sec (Attacking enemy's HP -4%)


(Purchase Price) 2,700


※ Cooldown: 30 sec

※ Only able to purchase ONE.

[Use Effect]

DP +500 for 5 sec

Damage Reflection for 5 sec (Attacking enemy's HP -4%)

Movement Speed +15% for 5 sec


(Purchase Price) 2,700


※ Cooldown: 30 sec

※ Only able to purchase ONE.


- Added the following items to the Shop.  





Mysterious Kettle

Transform into an invincible kettle for 3 sec

Movement Speed +30% for 5 sec


(Purchase Price) 700

※ Cooldown: 1 min


Elixir of Corruption

[Use Effect]

Ignore DP +15% for 10 sec

DP reduction -15%

AP +100


(Purchase Price) 800

※ Cooldown: 30 sec


Black Necklace

Back Attack Damage +7%


(Purchase Price) 700


Bloody Gem

HP +20 per hit


(Purchase Price) 900


[Dev Note]

First, we would like to talk about the removal of “Corrupted Hook.” Even though we decreased the number of hits of certain skills, the fact the effect of “Corrupted Hook” ignores DP and helps with killing certain monsters made it too effective. “Corrupted Hook” was an item added to counter effects that increased HP. However, it seems fairly clear that we needed to think the item through more before implementing it considering the item’s duration of the effect, its lack of cooldown, and that it affects everyone hit. We would like to sincerely apologize to our players for the frustration this might have caused. We realize this item had a major effect on Hero balance and will take this as a lesson learned moving forward. We will strive harder to think of the possibilities before trying to take on new challenges like these.


Next, the addition of the “Mysterious Kettle” is to have an item that can save teams from dangerous situations (like an incoming Red Dragon or when they are surrounded by enemies). It has a long cooldown of 1 minute and expensive to purchase, making it difficult to use often. However, we believe it will be extremely useful if it’s utilized properly.


Finally, the newly added lower grade items are not all that cost effective, however, it does the job of allowing players to get everything they can get before a big fight. These items are also a precursor to the soon to be added “Item Combination System.” In the current patch, it will be more effective to save up tokens to buy the completed item instead of getting the lower grade items. We are currently working on the “Item Combination System” and improving the function of the Shop to make it more interesting and convenient. We hope you look forward to these updates!


| AI Players

- Increased the speed of AI players when buying items if they have enough tokens.


| Monsters

- Changed the spawn time of Stoneback Crab from 1 minute to 3 minutes.

- Stoneback Crabs’ HP is doubled.

> Mountain Stoneback Crab: (Before) 30,000 → (After) 60,000

> Steppe Stoneback Crab: (Before) 20,000 → (After) 40,000

- Changed the kill buff of Stoneback Crabs as below.

> Mountain Stoneback crab:(Before) Defense +70 for 3 minutes → (After) Defense +80 permanently

> Steppe Stoneback Crab: (Before) Attack +50 for 3 minutes → (After) Attack +40 permanently

- Spawning spot of Shadow Knights are changed as below.

> Changed so that around 10 Shadow Knights and a Shadow Knight Captain will be spawn at the Windmill Village.

> Changed so that around 10 Shadow Knights and a Shadow Shaman will be spawn at the Training Camp.

- Added Shadow Shaman icons to be displayed.

- Changed the HP of Shadow Shamans as below.

> (Before) 10,000 → (Now) 15,000

- Increased the number of tokens a player will receive for killing Shadow Shamans from 100 to 150.

> Bonus Tokens may be obtained additionally.

- The number of normal monsters that appear in the later half is now increased by 50%.


| Ancient Relics

- HP for Ancient Relics are now changed as below, respectively upon their order of appearance.

> Goddess' Blessing: 24,000 (same as before)

> Aal's Eye: 32,000 (Increased by 8,000)

> Hand of Salvation: 40,000 (Increased by 16,000)

> Red Dragon’s Offering : 48,000 (Increased by 24,000)


[Dev Note]

Due to the fact that Stoneback Crab effects have a 3 minute duration, it had lower appeal to players than the monsters that spawned 1 minute in. Therefore, they will now spawn at the same time as the Shadow Lords (3 minutes in), so that teams that wish to avoid the fight in the middle can go for them instead. However, their HP increased significantly. So they will take longer to kill and give the team less time to go for other early objectives.

Additionally, Ancient Relics have gained more HP as time passes. So the “AP against Monsters” effect can continue to be effective into the mid-late game.

We will continue to make changes to content that do not yield enough of a benefit for players or match the overall gameplay.



■ UI

- Changed the design of the result screen. In the new result screen, you can see the record and rewards in one window. This reduces the need to flip through multiple pages.


- Changed the color of player’s HP to be light green, same color as the HP of allies.

- Changed the player’s HP bar to be displayed with bars.

- Changed the size of Heroes’ HP bars and where the numbers appear.

- Changed the visual quality of certain system messages.

- Fixed the issue where the minimap/World Map icon of opponent in the vision range of allies disappeared.

- Added effects and sounds of burning gunpowder when getting the Matchlock ready.

- Changed the button on the pop-up message at the end of the tutorial from “Exit” to “Confirm.”



■ Tutorial

- Changed the starting point of the Tutorial to the center of Shadow Temple.

- Changed the playable Heroes in the Tutorial to only Yeonhwa.


[Dev note]

In order to help new players settle down, the Tutorial was reworked and will continue to evolve. Aside from the basics of “how to play,” basic guides on in-game systems and party fights will be added. This update is the cornerstone for further changes.



■ Fixes and Improvements

- Fixed the issue where players were not matched with AI if they hit the Quick Start button for their first 3 matches of Trio mode.

- Fixed the issue where the sound of Black Spirit flying away could not be heard at the start of the game.

- Enhanced the visual effects when killing normal monsters.



Thank you