Updates [Update] 6/2 (Tue) Temporary Maintenance Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-06-02 00:00 (UTC+9)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena 


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the temporary maintenance on June 2 (Tue). 


Patch Size: 65.52 MB (Approx.)   


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena 



■ System 

Added a system to include AI players in lower ranking tier Solo matches 

  > The lower the ranking tierthe more AI players that will appear.  


We’ve added AI players to lower-tier Solo matches. While we’ve gone into more depth about our intentions behind this system in the Dev Notelet us touch upon it briefly here as well. This system is meant to help beginners to slowly adapt to the gameand also adjust the number of players in a match to ensure more optimal matchmaking according to skill level. As you go up in rankingless and less AI players will appear until you reach the top where AI players will not appear at all. 

■ Heroes 


Shield of Heidel (RMB): Changed the sec. buff that was applied immediately upon use.  

  > Before: DP +100 
  > After: Super Armor (Overlaps with Defensive Stance) 
※ With the change in this effect, you can now withstand disarm defensive stance skills for 1 sec. upon casting Shield of Heidel.   

Dev Memo:
One of Jordine’s characteristics is his solid defense from using his shield, but with the addition of skills that disarm defensive stance, that appeal has somewhat dulled. We’ve changed Jordine so that if you match the timing, you can now withstand an enemies’ blow even if you get hit by a skill that disarms defensive stance.


Explosive Trap (4)Fixed to cause a chain explosion with other Explosive Traps when set within 1m.  

Dev Memo: There’s been a lot of feedback saying that the playstyle of stacking Orwen’s Explosive Trap to take down someone in one explosion was a little excessive. Therefore, instead of just making it not possible to overlap Explosive Traps, we fixed Explosive Traps to explode in a chain reaction if set within 1m of each other to keep the possibility of making a chain explosion at a desired moment.

■ Fixes and Improvements 

Changed the names of AI Bots to the English name of that Hero 



Thank you.