Updates [Update] 6/5 (Fri) Maintenance Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-06-05 00:00 (UTC+9)


Greetingsthis is Shadow Arena.  


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the regularly scheduled maintenance on June 5 (Fri).  

 * Patch Size: 292.49 MB (Approx.) 


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!   



■ Major System Improvements  

- Made improvements for an issue where CC (Crowd Control) debuff effects were sometimes not being inflicted on enemies when using a skill.  

- Made improvements for an issue where CC (Crowd Control) debuff visuals were sometimes not being shown when using a skill.  

- You will now be able see your opponent’s tier when you defeat them or are defeated by them.  

- Made improvements for an issue where lag would gradually increase over time after the server had been restarted.

Thank you for your patience, here are the most important changes in this update.  

We believe we’ve made improvements for the bug where the CC (Crowd Control) effects would sometimes not be displayed or inflicted when landing a CC skill.   

- Fixed an issue where the camera would not rotate towards the right on certain PCs. 

- Fixed an issue with Full Screen mode having lower PC performance. 

- Improved the Hero Selection screen to save your previously selected skin.  

- Improved the Mailbox for newly arrived mail to be tagged with [New]. 

- Added an icon to let you see your delay/latency speed more easily.  

- Added a delay/latency indicator to the top-right of a player’s HP bar that appears when you hit them in-game. 

- Improved spectator mode so the camera will follow the Hero’s PoV when you spectate a different Hero.  

- Pressing Alt+Tab in Full Screen mode to select a different tab will now bring up an option to maintain Full Screen or change the window mode. 

We fixed a bug in certain PC setups that prevented you from turning the screen even when moving the mouse, and we fixed some other critical bugs such as the frame rate dropping when playing in Full Screen mode. In the future, we will continue to do our best focus on bugs that are annoying and fix them quickly.   



■ AI Bot and Matchmaking Adjustment 

- Changed high-tier Solo matches so that AI Bots appear less or not at all.   

Reduced the criteria for a high-tier room to form.  

In the recent update on May 2nd, we added AI Bots that would automatically join games.  

However, we had a lot of negative reactions from higher tier players regarding the AI bots. As a result, we made it so that AI Bots will no longer appear in higher-tier rooms and lowered their point standards.  

Additionally, we lowered the criteria for rooms to make it easier for higher-tier rooms to form.  

While there will be more AI-free, higher-tier rooms, the matchmaking times will be longer during times of lower player count.  


■ Heroes 

- Changed the animation for taking 1st place to be the Hero’s cheering motion and changed the final results screen to play the Hero’s victory voice line.  

- Changed Super Armor to show a blue effect around the Hero when active.   

- Fixed an issue where the recovery time sometimes differed for getting back up after being knocked down by a skill.   

- Fixed an issue where CC debuffs would sometimes not take effect when being hit while obtaining an item.   

Added the charge/dash distance to descriptions of charge/dash skills.   

It just didn’t feel pleasant seeing an ending where your Hero is taken over by the Black Spirit upon winning. With this update, we changed the victory animation, and we will prepare some more victory animations for the future.  

Also, many skills have Super Armor and defensive effects, but it was difficult to tell the exact timing or if they were still active. So, we changed most of these Super Armor/defensive effects to be visually displayed when active.    




- Spinning Slash (4): Increased the Super Armor time of the Ultimate Level by 50%.    

- Sprinting Jump Attack: Fixed to require you to maintain sprinting for 0.5 sec. to activate.  

- Formation Break (3): Fixed an issue with the skill not hitting properly when used at an area with different elevations.  

Spear of Heidel (RMB): Fixed to no longer allow you to lower the shield or use Kick (F) while the Super Armor (1 sec.) effect is active.  

- Shield Charge (2): Added the movement distance to the skill description.  

- Formation Break (3): Added the movement distance to the skill description.  

Jordine... has had a rough time lately, but he’s been looking better with the shield buffs from the June 2nd update. But, we discovered a problem where you could block with the shield and lower it to use other skills during the Super Armor effect, so we changed the shield to require you to keep it raised for at least 1 sec.   

Additionally, we discovered and fixed a bug with sprinting jump attacks where they could be used consecutively for unintended combos. Thank you to the player that reported this combo bug.


- Red Moon (4): Improved to allow you to immediately inflict the final hit with LMB while casting the skill.  

- Bond Cut (3): Changed to increase your movement speed for 3 sec. upon landing the skill.   

  > Level 1: 10% Increase 
  > Level 2: 15% Increase 
  > Level 3 and Ultimate Level: 20% Increase 

- Fallen Flower (RMB): Added the movement distance to the skill description.  

While Yeonhwa is a Hero that focuses on the basics, her performance lately has been dropping. We believe the cause for this is that Yeonhwa’s skills are too easy to see through, so once players get more used to her combat style, the more apparent her limitations are.  

Therefore, we changed Red Moon (4) to let you mix up her timing and engage in a little psychological warfare with your opponent. We also changed Bond Cut (3) so you get a speed boost to narrow the distance or escape when you land a blow.   



 - Sprinting Jump Attack: Fixed to require you to maintain sprinting for 0.5 sec. to activate.  

Like with Jordine, we discovered and fixed a bug where it was possible quickly cancel sprinting for unintended attacks.  



- Fixed an issue with abnormal attack range for crouched attacks.   

- Fixed an issue where the 2nd jump when double jumping while sprinting did not consume stamina.  

- Gate Breaker (1): Added the movement distance to the skill description.  

We discovered the rather shocking truth of just how big Shultz’s attack range was when crouching, so we fixed this to a more normal attack range.  

We also discovered a bug where the 2nd jump when double jumping while running didn’t take any stamina, so that was fixed as well.  




- Heart Stab (1): Added the movement distance to the skill’s description.  

  • ThunderRip (3): Added the movement distance to the skill’s description.   




- Fairy Flame (RMB): Changed to reduce stamina by 15% when used off cooldown.  

After the improvements to projectiles, the win percentages for the ranged Herawen and Orwen have risen dramatically. However, it seemed it was too easy to hold back enemies from afar and look for a single opening due to the low amount of stamina that was needed. As a result, we increased the amount of stamina consumed to raise this tactic’s risks.  

We currently suspect that Herawen is a little too strong, so we’ll keep watching her win percentage after this change.  




- Natural Marksman (RMB): Increased the stamina consumed by 15%.  

- Natural Marksman (RMB): Fixed an issue with stamina not being consumed when the skill was used after rolling.  

- Kick (F): Reduced the Super Armor time during the flip motion by 50%.  

Like HerawenOrwen has seen her win percentage rise dramatically.  

We originally set her stamina consumption rate when it was much harder to land her arrows, so we’ve increased the amount of stamina consumed to give it a more reasonable level of risk. We’ll watch to see if this change is sufficient.    




- Sleeve Tangler (2): Decreased the attack range by 23%.  

- Helix Cannon (1): Increased the projectile speed.  
  > Level 1: 20% Increase 
  > Level 2: 12% Increase 
  > Level 3: 10.2% Increase 

Like with Shultz’s crouch attack, we discovered the fact that Badal’s grab had an abnormally long range as well, so we fixed this skill to match the animation.  

But since this change might make Badal weaker, we also increased the projectile speed for underutilized Helix Cannon (1). 



- Breath of Elion – Endurance Stance (3): Changed to increase AP for 10 sec. upon use.  

  > Level 1: +20 

  > Level 2 - Ultimate Level: +35 

- Radiant Pursuit – Courage Stance (2): Improved to allow you to change directions during the dash for all levels instead of just the Ultimate Level.  

- Radiant Pursuit – Courage Stance (2): Fixed an issue where you could dash following the camera’s direction to a direction that was outside of the Hero’s turn radius  

Radiant Pursuit – Courage Stance (2): Added the movement distance to the skill’s description.  

We felt that Venslar’s consecutive nerfs were a little excessive, so in this update we gave her some buffs.  

Similar to the previous buffs to Endurance Stance, we wanted to keep going with this direction, but also wanted to boost her weaker attacks, so we gave a 10 sec. AP buff to Breath of Elion – Endurance Stance (3) to help her damage for her attack skills.  

Originally, it wasn’t intended to be able to freely change directions for the Ultimate Level of Venslar’s Radiant Pursuit, this is a bug that was left over from the development phase of the Ultimate Level. However, removing this completely could cause a large impact to the way Venslar is played, especially for those who depend on the current Ultimate Level version of Radiant Pursuit. So instead, we limited the turn radius and allowed this to be usable for all levels.    

Since this is a big change, we’ll keep a close eye on how it affects her.

■ Monsters 

- Decreased the invincibility time for the Shadow Lord when it appeared.  

- Decreased the attack of the Shadow Javelin Thrower 



■ Fixes and Improvements  

Improved Jump Gates to have a small pause to let you easily change directions in Black Spirit form before launching. 

Removed the Delete All button from the Mailbox.  

Added a notification message to appear upon completing a mission to unseal items 

[Goyen] Changed the Korean language voice overs.  

Changed the results screen to show the sealed items screen last.  

Changed the kill screenshot window of the results screen to no longer immediately show the screenshot of your first kill.  

Added a visual effect when going to the next page on the results screen.  

Changed the design of the description box that appeared when mousing over certain UI icons, such as the Voice Mic and Headset.  

Added a feature to custom rooms to allow the room owner to invite other players from Lobby.