Updates [Update] 6/9 (Tue) Temporary Maintenance Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-06-09 16:00 (UTC+9)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the temporary maintenance on June 9 (Tue).  


* Patch Size: 220.99 MB (Approx.) 


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!   



With how we’ve been updating twice a week, you can almost call this Tuesday update a regularly scheduled one, but since everyone probably wants the temporary maintenance compensation, we’ll continue to call it a temporary maintenance update.  

In this update, we’ve fixed one of the desync/lag-like issues where inflicting Crowd Control (CC) effects on an enemy didn’t show up properly. We also made a lot of Hero balance related changes as well.   

For this upcoming Thursday’s official update, we plan to introduce a new Hero and some system improvements.  

Additionally, this Thursday’s update will bring changes to the points needed to advance tiers. It seems we set the base point for promotion a bit too high, so we’ve adjusted them to let you see your skill tier a bit more accurately.  

(Currently, Bronze I players are fairly skilled, while Silver and above are the very top players.)  

As a result, many players should start seeing promotion matches after Thursday’s update.  

However, there will be no changes in point requirements for Diamond or higher tier players.  


■ Heroes 

- Fixed an issue where Heroes switched to a standing state when hit by Crowd Control (CC) skills. 

- Fixed an issue where Heroes would immediately get back up after being hit by a matchlock.

There were more causes for the CC bugs than we had originally thought, and we are working to fix these causes one-by-one. We expect a lot of improvements with this update regarding the bug where CC doesn’t appear properly.  

Additionally, as a result of fixing recovery times for being knocked over to be the same, the knockdown time of the matchlocks became much shorter than intended, so we’ve fixed it to be the same as before.

- Changed Dark Shift to ignore the Super Armor/Defensive effects and knockback foes; adjusted the CC debuff time from 2 sec. to 1 sec.   

Many were of the opinion that it didn’t feel fair when Heroes used Super Armor or defensive effects to withstand the Dark Shift and immediately counterattack afterwards to easily neutralize the Hero trying to escape, so we’ve changed the Dark Shift to ignore defensive effects/Super Armor.  

However, since a 2sec. stun effect could lead into unavoidable combos, we’ve decided to change the effect to a 1 sec. knockback effect. 


- Red Moon (4): Reduced the cooldown time.  

  > Level 1: 25 sec. → 23 sec.  

  > Level 2: 22.5 sec. → 20 sec.  

  > Level 3 and Ultimate Level: 22 sec. → 17 sec. 

- Clairvoyance (2): Reduced the cooldown time.  

  >  Level 1: 20 sec. → 18 sec.  

  >  Level 2: 18 sec. → 15 sec.  

  >  Level 3 and Ultimate Level: 16 sec. → 12 sec.

Due to how much longer Yeonhwa’s cooldowns were compared to other Heroes, we’ve lowered some of her cooldowns (even more at higher levels).  


- Sun of Destruction (4): Changed the skill to inflict disarm defensive stance and blowback upon hit when charged to level 2 or 3.  

- Sun of Destruction (4): Made improvements for an issue where the skill appears to hit but does not actually do any damage when using the skill while the Hero is turning around sharply. 

- Phantom Raven (RMB): Reduced the cooldown by 0.5 sec.  

- Phantom Raven (RMB): Fixed an issue where damage would not be inflicted by the following combo skill when sharply turning after using Phantom Raven.  

- Resonating Shadow (2): Increased the casting speed from the moment you start casting until the final hit by approximately 15% 

- Dark Mark (1): Made improvements for an issue where the skill appears to hit but does not actually do any damage when using the skill while the Hero is turning around sharply. 

With the cooldown increase for Phantom Raven (RMB) in the past closed beta, it made it diffcult to play Ahon Kirus in her unique, fast tempo style. Originally, Ahon Kirus was a Hero that covered her lack of firepower with mobility, but we felt that she’s been left in an awkward spot due to the past changes to her cooldown. As a result, we’ve reduced the cooldown of Phantom Raven (RMB) by 0.5 sec. with this update.  



- Increased HP from 8,000 to 9,000.  

- Thunder Rip (3): Changed the skill to cause marks left by Heart Stab (1) and the Ultimate Level of Uproot (2) to explode.  

Although Haru is a close-ranged Hero, but her HP didn’t really reflect that, so we’ve raised it. At the same time, we wanted to increase the diversity of her combos by making it possible to deal extra damage from exploding marks with Thunder Rip (3).    


- Fairy Flame (RMB), Seed of Ice (1), Ancient Dragon Breath (2): Made improvements for an issue where the skill appears to hit but does not actually do any damage when using the skill while the Hero is turning around sharply. 

- Fairy Flame (RMB): Fixed an issue where the sound would not be played when using the skill while moving.

We’ve made some improvements for some hit bugs regarding Herawen. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to fix them completely, so we’ll continue to focus on them until they’re fixed.  


- Reduced the movement distance of left/right roll.   

Previously, Orwen was able to move a lot more with her left/right rolls (A/D + Shift) compared to other Heroes.  

This led to many cases where a melee Hero, who finally managed to close the distance with Orwen, was still toyed around with as she avoided close-ranged attacks with her rolls. Thus, we‘ve reduced her rolling distance to match other Heroes.    


- Sleeve Tangler (2): Increased the cooldown time by 3 sec.  

- Asura Tread (RMB): Reduced the movement speed buff by 20%.  

- Basic Attack (LMB): Changed to no longer recover stamina on hits 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.  

- Helix Cannon (1): Added CC debuff and reduced the projectile speed when not charged.   

  > Before: Basic Effect

  > After Using Golden Gate: Knockdown 

Badal has received a somewhat big range of changes this time.  

So far, Badal has had major nerfs to his combo potential due to how often his seemingly endless barrage of close-ranged skills and incredible chase ability with Asura’s Tread left players with an unpleasant experience. 

Now, we’ve changed the underused Helix Cannon (1) by giving it a CC so it can be added into combos, but we’ve also reduced its projectile speed again.   


- Basic Attack – Endurance Stance (LMB): Improved to maintain defensive effect when attacking. 

Basically, only the Endurance Stance could not maintain a defensive effect when using basic attacks. We’ve changed it now, so you can stay more protected while poking with her basic attacks.  

■ Item 

- Increased the chance of obtaining Red Dragon’s Offering and Ancient Weapon Fragment by 2 times.   



Thank you!