Dev Notes [Dev Note] Tagahl Sherekhan Guide
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The Last Sherekhan” - Year 199 


In the Elionian Year 199, a dragon appeared in Calpheon and terrorized the people. So, the nation of Calpheon called for the legendary Dragon Hunter from Drieghan, known to be the last living descendant of the Sherekhan.

After a gruesome battle, he was able to defeat the dragon. However, Calpheon refused to give the promised reward. Tagahl left a curse on Calpheon in retaliation and promised a dragon would one day return to this land. He then vanished without a trace. 


| Difficulty



| Combat Style

Tagahl is a Hero who wields his signature “glaive” to deliver wide-scale, devastating blows. 
This enables him to walk straight into group of enemies without fear and attackTagahl can use his skills to pull enemies in or knock them backHis DP-cutting skills and destructive blows are particularly effective when confronting “Brawler type Heroes that have high DP.


| Skills

(RMB) Scale Ripper

Swing the glaive to reduce DP and knock enemies back.

(Q) Skull Crusher


Dash forward then swing the glaive to knock enemies down.


(E) Wing Breaker


Step forward to grab the enemy then send them flying.


(R) Heart Gouge

Swing the glaive to pull in enemies nearby then knock them up.