Dev Notes [Dev Note] Tagahl Sherekhan Guide
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“The Last Sherekhan” - Year 199 


In the Elionian Year 199, a dragon appeared in Calpheon and terrorized the people. So, the nation of Calpheon called for the legendary Dragon Hunter from Drieghan, known to be the last living descendant of the Sherekhan. After a gruesome battle, he was able to defeat the dragon. However, Calpheon refused to give the promised reward. Tagahl left a curse on Calpheon in retaliation and promised a dragon would one day return to this land. He then vanished without a trace. 

| Difficulty 



| Combat Style 

Tagahl is a hero who wields his signature “glaive” to deliver wide-scale, devastating blows. His ability to bypass or weaken his foe’s defenses lets him aim for a reversal even when he’s fallen behind after a rough start. However, his slower attack speed compared to other heroes means you have to judge each attack carefully.


He can pressure foes with his devastating power and reach to end fights decisivelyUnlike other heroesTagahl’s basic side attack (A,D+LMB) is a little slower but can push back enemies and can also be used to start combos


| Inherent Skill 

Scale Ripper 

Swing the glaive, reducing DP and knocking back any enemy hit. 


Skull Crusher  

Charge a short distance then swing the glaive to send enemies flying. 


(Ultimate Level Effect: Travel Distance +20%) 


Wing Breaker  

Grab the enemy in front then send them flying. Decreases Movement Speed of enemies hit. 


(Ultimate Level Effect: Reduce Movement Speed -30% for 5 seconds) 


Dragon Slash  

Block enemy attacks then hit the enemy to blow them back. Ignore some of the enemy's DP when dealing damage. 


(Ultimate Level Effect: Casting Time -30%)


Dragon Impaler 

Cut down enemies in front with all your strength. This attack is slow but inflicts powerful damage to all enemies within range and blows them back. 


(Ultimate Level Effect: Super Armor immediately after using the skill) 



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