Updates [Update] 6/23 (Tue) Maintenance Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-06-23 17:00 (UTC+9)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.    


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on June 23 (Tue).       


* Patch Size:  255.26 MB (Approx.)        


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!      



■ Monster 

- Debuffs will now apply the same to AI Bots as normal Heroes. 

Until now, the way CC was being inflicted was different for AI Bots and players, which made practice with AI Bots insufficient since the feel and experience of fighting AI Bots was way different from fighting players. Therefore, we’ve improved AI Bots so that the CC you inflict on them will behave the same as normal player controlled Heroes, allowing you to utilize the same combos for both.   



We wanted to include a fix in today’s patch for the issue where the Dark Shift CC would frequently be ignored, but unfortunately, we discovered a problem during our final testing and were forced to remove this fix. We apologize, and we will do our best to fix this bug as soon as possible. 


- Clairvoyance (2): Changed to now be able to counterattack immediately after casting the skill.  

- Clairvoyance (2): Changed to recover HP upon successfully counterattack.  

  > Level 1: 200 HP Recovery 

  > Level 2: 500 HP Recovery   

  > Level 3 and Ultimate Level: 1000 HP Recovery 

We felt there wasn’t enough value in leveling up Yeonhwa’s Clairvoyance (2) to levels 2 and 3. So we’ve improved the skill a bit and hopefully made it more worthwhile to invest skill points into.  


- Decreased the damage of Basic Attacks, Lateral/Side Attacks, Dash Attacks, and Dash Jump Attacks by 5%.   

- Rock Smash (2): Fixed an issue where grabbing an opponent while having low stamina sometimes caused the grab to miss.  

- Sausan’s Tremble (3): Decreased the max damage by 6%.  

- Sausan’s Tremble: Changed to increase AP for 5 seconds during the 2nd and 3rd jump attacks.  

  > Level 1: Increases AP by 10 for the 2nd and 3rd jump attack (Stackable Effect) 

  > Level 2: Increases AP by 20 for the 2nd and 3rd jump attack (Stackable Effect) 

  > Level 3 and Ultimate Level: Increases AP by 30 for the 2nd and 3rd jump attack (Stackable Effect) 

- Bestial Howl (4): Decreased damage as follows.  

  > Level 1: Same as before  

  > Level 2: Decreased by 13%  

  > Level 3: Decreased by 20%  

- Bestial Howl (4): Decreased the skill’s stun time from 3.5 seconds to 2 seconds. 

Due to the combination of Shultz’s powerful basic attacks and skill combos, he is a Hero who can excel in all situations from the start to end of a match and even in 1-on-1s. That’s why we’ve slightly decreased his basic attacks, but instead made it possible for him to buff his AP with Sausan’s Tremble (3) to retain his sudden destructive potential.     

Also, ever since we changed Bestial Howl (4) to inflict its stun more reliably, it basically increased the stun’s duration making the skill a bit too strong, so we’ve lowered its stun duration to compensate.  


-  Heart Stab (1): Decreased the Ultimate Level effect’s dash distance increase from 25% to 20%.  

-  Uproot (2): Increased the delay for performing another action after the skill’s additional strike by 0.3 seconds.  

Not only does Haru command an exceptional ability to control the game with her stealth and diverse moveset, but she also has the damage to one-combo a foe, which elevated her as a powerful Hero in a recent state of combos becoming weaker. As a result, we’ve decreased the dash distance of the combo-starting Heart Stab’s (1) Ultimate Distance and changed the additional strike of Uproot (2) to make it possible for an opponent to escape with teleport before the Thunder Rip (3) combo follow-up.  


- Kamasylve Tree (4): Increased the skill’s HP Recovery.   

  > Level 1: Same as before  

  > Level 2: Max 3800 HP Recovery (18% increase compared to before)  

  > Level 3: Max 6500 HP Recovery (30% increase compared to before)  

- Fixed the Kamasylve Tree to automatically be destroyed if it takes damage for at least 6 seconds in the Dark Fog.  

We’ve raised the heal effect of Kamasylve Tree (4) to make investing skill points into it more appealing. 


- Asura Tread (RMB): Changed to be able to attack with LMB during the skill.  

We’ve brought back the combo ability by making it possible to immediately activate Asura’s Tread additional strike.  


- Radiant Pursuit – Courage Stance (2): Changed to immediately dash upon using the skill.  

  > However, the speed has been changed to start off slower and gradually increase. 

  > The wings will now unfurl and she’ll reach her max speed 0.3 seconds after the start of dash. The skill’s hit will be possible after this moment.  

  > The dash max movement distance has been increased by 1M for each level.  

- Radiant Pursuit – Courage Stance (2): Decreased the damage by 14%.  

- Shield Throw – Endurance Stance (1): Decreased the skill's damage while the shield spins in place by 90%. 

- Stance Change (RMB): Fixed (again...) an issue where the stance change would sometimes not occur.  


We decreased the dash speed and damage of Radiant Pursuit – Courage Stance (2) since it was skill that was difficult to react to due to its incredible speed and yet still inflicted a tremendous amount damage when it hit.  

Additionally, Shield Throw – Endurance Stance (1) could deal a ton of continuous damage when it hits at the range where the shield spins in place, so we’ve greatly lowered that damage potential.  


- Fixed an issue where Tagahl sometimes moved backwards before attacking when using lateral/side attacks.  

- Dragon Slash (3): Changed the skill’s defensive endurance to increase with the skill’s level.  

  > Level 1: Same as before  

  > Level 2: 1.2x   

  > Level 3 and Ultimate Level: 1.5x 

- Added Chinese and English voicelines for Tagahl.  

We felt it was too difficult to mix in basic attacks with Tagahl’s lateral/side attacks (A,D+LMB), since using his lateral/side attacks sometime caused him to step back before attacking, so we’ve adjusted this to make it easier to time his attacks. There were also too many cases where Dragon Slash (3) couldn’t withstand enemy attacks, so we’ve raised the DP make it possible to endure more attacks.  


■ System Improvements 

- Players who mostly play normal matches without playing ranked matches will no longer be matched with novice players.  

In the previous update on June 18th, we implemented a feature to safeguard the matchmaking of novice players. But since this only took into account ranking scores, it was possible for players who’ve played normal matches to be matched with novice players creating unevenly skilled games. So we’ve fixed this possible problem.   

On this upcoming Thursday, we will be implementing improvements to the matchmaking system to make it more effective.