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ShadowArena 2020-07-02 15:00 (UTC+0)


Thank you for waiting!  


A thrilling and action-packed event with up to 10 million KRW up for grabs, the Shadow Arena Regional Cup – Asia (Solo) has finally arrived.  


Shadow Arena was designed with competition and esports in mind, so we want to meet that expectation with a constant flow of competitive events where our players can truly show off their skills  

Now then, we can’t wait to see your amazing play!  


Participant Sign-Up Information 

 ■ Schedule 

Sign-Up Period  

July 3, 2020 (Fri) - July 12, 2020 (Sun) 23:59 (UTC+9)  

Participant and Bracket Announcement 

July 16, 2020 (Thu) (UTC+9)

Players selected as participants will be sent a Discord channel URL by in-game mail after the participants announcement.

Please make sure to enter this Discord channel as further event communication and information will be provided through it.   

If you fail to join the participant Discord channel, you may not receive the information necessary to participate in the event. Please note that you will be responsible for any disadvantages that arise due to this.  



■ Sign-Up Qualifications and Eligible Heroes 

Participant Qualifications 

At least Silver V in the Asia server 

Tiers will be determined at the end of the sign-up period  

Heroes Eligible to Participate 

Jordine DucasYeonhwaAhon KirusGerhard ShultzHaruHerawen

OrwenBadal the GoldenGoyenVenslarTagahl SherekhanLahn 


* Participating with a Hero not listed above will result in your expulsion 

New Heroes released after the start of sign-ups will not be able to participate.  


Event Related Information 

■ Schedule 




Group Preliminaries 

Asia Server 

Group A: July 22, 2020 (Wed) 20:00 (UTC+9)  

Group BJuly 29, 2020 (Wed) 20:00 UTC+9 


Event Server 

August 1, 2020 (Sat) UTC+9 

The group format and event schedule may change depending on the number of participantsIf any changes occurwe will provide an update through this notice 

Participants will be randomly assigned to a group for the preliminaries, and there will not be changes to the group assignments after the brackets are announced.  



■ Participant Sign-Ups 

▶ Shadow Arena Regional Cup - Asia (Solo) Sign Up Form 



[View the Shadow Arena Competitive Rules and Shadow Arena Regional Cup - Asia (Solo) Supplemental Rules]

 Please make sure to carefully read the Shadow Arena Competitive Rules and Supplemental Rules to avoid any possible inconveniences 


■ Group Preliminaries 

Event Format and Placements > 

①  Players participating in the Group Preliminaries must log in to the Asia server 30 minutes before the start of competition and wait in the lobby.  

② Participants who are waiting in the Lobby will be invited to the arena in no particular order.    

* If you enter or are in a different menu (storage, etc.) besides the main screen, you may not receive the room invite, so please make sure to wait in the “Main Screen” menu for your invitation.    

If fail to accept the invite within a set period of timeyou will be considered as forfeiting your participation, and you will not be re-invited 

③ The round will start once all participants have entered.   

④ Once the round is over, the next round will follow steps ① - ③ again until all rounds are completed. 

⑤ There will be a total of 4 rounds per group, and the total combined points earned from each round will determine the players who qualify for the playoffs 

Please check the table below for more information on how points are earned.  

The number of participants in the group preliminaries may vary depending on the number of sign-ups 

The players who advance to the playoffs will be determined in the order of the total points earned after the end of the group preliminaries. 

The number of players who advance may vary depending on the number of participants and groups. 

  Example) Once the two groups are finished, the 20 players with the highest total points earned for each group will advance to the playoffs. (40 total players)  



■ Playoffs  

Event Format and Placements > 

① Players participating in the Group Preliminaries must log in to the Event server 30 minutes before the start of competition and wait in the lobby. 

② Participants who are waiting in the Lobby will be invited to the arena in no particular order.    

* If you enter or are in a different menu (storage, etc.) besides the main screen, you may not receive the room invite, so please make sure to wait in the “Main Screen” menu for your invitation.    

* If fail to accept the invite within a set period of time, you will be considered as forfeiting your participation, and you will not be re-invited 

③ The round will start once all participants have entered.  

④ Once the round is over, the next round will follow steps ① - ③ again until all rounds are completed. 

⑤ There will be a total of 4 rounds, and the total combined points earned from round will determine the final placements  

Please check the table below for more information on how points are earned. 

 * The playoffs will be held on a separate event server. Details of the server will be provided at a later date. 



■ Scoring System 


Points Earned 

1st Place Per Round 

55 Points 

2nd Place Per Round 

14 Points 

3rd Place Per Round 


4th Place Per Round 

2 Points 

5th Place Per Round 

1 Point 

Kill (After 4-min. Grace Period) 

10 Points (Per 1 Kill) 

Penalty for Failing to Participate in a Round 

-20 (Per Round) 

The “Scoring System” will be the same for all stages (group preliminaries and playoffs) of the event.  

   >The points earned in the group preliminaries and playoffs are separately counted.

The winner of the event will be determined by the total points earned from all rounds which may differ from the survival ranking of each round.   

If two or more players have the same amount of total points, the points of the last round will determine the final placements.   

  However, if the points of the last round are tied, the final placements will be determined by the survival ranking for that round. 



■ Playoff Cash Prizes and Rewards 

Overall Placement 

Cash Prizes and Rewards 


5,000,000KRW + Special Winner Title 









6th - 10th 

100,000KRW Each



Qualified to Playoffs 

Special Title for Qualifying to Playoffs + 30,000 Silver 

* MVP: The MVP will be selected by the votes of the broadcast team and observers for the player that displayed the most amazing plays. This is decided separately from the match rankings or earned points. 

  Note: The playoff placement rewards are not cumulative 


※ Additional Notices 

The event will be with the latest version of the clientParticipants must understand and acknowledge before signing up that any updates during the event (such as any Hero-specific balance changesetc.) may impact the event.   

- Pearl Abyss may collect (with your agreementyour personal information to deliver any prizesIf you do not submit your personal information within the collection period, we will deem your non-compliance as your intention to forfeit any prizes.  

- Cash prizes will be sent to you through Paypal or bank remittance. We may be unable to send you the prize money if you do not have the necessary information or documents (bank account, Paypal account, etc.) to receive the prize when we collect your personal information. 

  > However, if the recipient of the cash prize is recognized as a minor by their country of residence, the consent of their legal guardian is required. 

* More details, including the exact transfer method, will be provided separately to the winners at a later date.  

The “Qualified to Playoffs” rewards will be sent to your character in the Asia server weeks after the end of the “Shadow Arena Regional Cup - Asia (Solo)” during the following maintenance 

If a player who is selected to participate fails to attend without a specific reason after signing upthis player may be less likely to be selected to participate in future eventsIf you cannot attend due to unavoidable/unforeseen circumstancesplease let us know via Support.     

There will be a total of 4 rounds each for the group preliminaries and playoffs, and it may take more than 3 hours to complete all the rounds. We recommend having extra time to continue playing on that day if the time takes longer than expected.     

All matches (group preliminaries and playoffs) will be broadcasted live via our official channels, as a result, the nicknames and other details of participants may be broadcasted. Pearl Abyss reserves the right to use the video (unedited or edited) of this broadcast for promotional purposes without limitations to time or region.    

Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change/cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstancesIf changes are madethey can be found on this event page.   

If you have any other questions or concerns related to the eventplease contact us via [Support].    

Any matters not listed on this page will follow the [Shadow Arena Competitive Rules] and [Shadow Arena Event Rules]. 

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