Updates [Update] 7/16 (Thu) Maintenance Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-07-16 16:59 (UTC+9)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena. 


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on July 16 (Thu).      

* Patch Size: 433.66 MB (Approx.)    


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!       



■ Major System Improvements  

- Players who are damaged by another player and killed by a monster will now grant the kill score to the player who recently did the most damage to them. 

- Adjusted the Hero camera perspective to be a bit further back from the Hero.  

- Added the ability to zoom in/out the camera perspective by clicking the mouse wheel.  


You’ve probably experienced the heartbreaking scenario where a player you’ve almost defeated died to a Hungry Black Spirit or Shadow Lord and kept you from getting the kill. To ensure you’ll be rewarded after the end of a close struggle against an enemy around the Dark Fog, we’ve made a change to ensure monsters will no longer take your kill if they deal the last blow as long as you’ve recently landed an attack. 


Also, while the camera perspective was originally set at a distance that would be the most intense, many players expressed their frustrations that their perspective felt confined while playing, so we’ve improved the camera by setting it a bit further away than before and allowing you to zoom in closer if you desire.   


■ Ancient Altar and Shadow Lord 

[Ancient Altar] 

- Changed the way the Ancient Altar is activated as follows.  

  > 3 minutes after the start of match, one of the six Altars will randomly become activated  

  > Every 2 minutes after an Altar was activated, the next Altar in a clockwise direction will become activated.  

  > An Altar’s activation status can be viewed on the World Map (Tab) along with the remaining time until the next Altar is activated.   

   # Inactive Altars will have a grey icon, while activated Altars will have a blue icon. The Altar icon will disappear once the Artifact is destroyed.   

  > Increased the HP of the Artifact that appeared when activating an Ancient Altar by 10 times.  

  > You now have a chance to obtain Shadow Lord’s gear from the random Altars.   


[Shadow Lord] 

- Changed the Shadow Lords to appear at 2 min. 30 sec., 4 min. 30 sec., 6 min. 30 sec., and 8 min. 30 sec., for a total of 4 times instead of the original 5 times.   

- Defeating a Shadow Lord will no longer grant the Call of the Ancients buff.  

- Reduced the HP of the Shadow Lords by 30%.  

- Defeating a Shadow Lord will now have a chance to drop the Shadow Lord’s armor and a chance to drop an additional Shadow Lord’s sub-weapon.  


This update is a change implemented to test a system before the 2nd round. The existing way Ancient Altars and Shadow Lords were set up just didn’t quite make sense. While simplifying the system, we strategically looked at how players would move around the map and changed the system to make players encounter each other and battle it out.   

In preparation for the 2nd round and in line with the update on July 9 which made it impossible to obtain the Shadow Lord’s gear from other players, we wanted to give players more chances to obtain the most powerful gear by going after Shadow Lords and Ancient Altars.  


■ Heroes 

- Improved skill descriptions to state their Guard Capacity.  

- Fixed an issue where rolling would sometimes not consume stamina.  

- Fixed the buff icon of the Black Spirt state at the beginning of a match to be able to show the buff description.  

- Fixed an issue where players in stealth on the opposing team were still visible when they were in the same clan as you.  

- Fixed an issue where rolling while crouched would sometimes not consume stamina.   

- Dying during the grace period in Solo/Team matches will now immediately transform you into a Black Spirit after the death animation. 



- Fixed an issue where Jordine would sometimes slow down when hit by a forward attack.   

- Spear of Serendia (1): Fixed an issue where the Knockdown effect of the Ultimate Level was incorrectly stated as 0.5 seconds in the skill description instead of 0.4 seconds.  

Shield Charge (2): The Ultimate Level’s guard effect for additional strikes was removed and cooldown was reduced by 1 second.  

- Spinning Slash (4): Increased the duration of the Ultimate Level’s Super Armor effect by 2 times.  

We felt there weren’t that many cases where you could fully take advantage of the guard effect for additional strikes for Shield Charge’s Ultimate Level, so we’ve changed it to reduce the cooldown instead. We’ve also increased the duration for the Spinning Slash’s Ultimate Level Super Armor effect in order for it to last until just before the skill’s strike, so it can be used as a counterattack skill. 


- Dark Mark (1): Increased the projectile speed of the Ultimate Level by 50%.  

- Sun of Destruction (4): Fixed the Ultimate Level of the skill to apply the movement speed buff during the throwing animation. This movement speed buff is the basic movement speed buff and not the 50% version.  

We’ve increased the projectile speed of Dark Mark’s Ultimate Level to allow players to somewhat better utilize the skill from longer range, and we’ve fixed the Sun of Destruction’s Ultimate Level to apply the movement speed buff during the throwing animation to let you chase someone more quickly afterwards. 


- Rock Smash (2): Adjusted the skill as follows.  

  > Fixed an issue where opponents that are grabbed and slammed on the ground immediately get up and do not take damage.   

  > Fixed an issue where back attack was inflicted when an opponent is slammed on the ground.  

  > Fixed an issue where grabbing and attacking a monster or AI Bot would cause them to float in the air.  

Fixed an issue where a different action than the existing action would occur when trying to roll towards the right without any stamina. 

- Rock Smash (2): Changed the Super Armor effect of the Ultimate Level to be applied until the grab is released.  

We’ve lengthened the Super Armor effect of Rock Smash’s Ultimate Level since it was almost never used. This change is meant to help you hold off a 3rd party trying to interrupt you during a grab.  


Shadow Step (RMB): Fixed an issue where pressing RMB while crouched after using the skill caused a different motion than the existing motion before the stealth attack. 

- Uproot (2): Fixed an issue where the damage stated in the skill description did not match the actual damage inflicted by the skill.  

- Mirage (4): Fixed an issue where the damage stated in the skill description did not match the actual damage inflicted by the skill. 

We’ve fixed the skill descriptions for some of Haru’s skills to match the actual damage that was dealt. (The actual damage remains unchanged and only the skill descriptions were changed.)  


- Enhanced Fairy Flame (RMB): Fixed an issue where stamina did not recover when using the skill while moving.  

- Fairy Flame (RMB): Fixed an issue where an abnormal message would be displayed when using the skill.  

Seed of Ice (1): The Ultimate Level’s range was reduced to be the same as existing range and the projectile speed was increased by 50%.

- Kamasylve Tree (4): Added a –100 AP debuff to nearby enemies to the skill’s Ultimate Level.  

Since many players are playing Herawen in a close-ranged style., we’ve adjusted the projectile speed of Seed of Ice’s Ultimate Level to make it be more usable at longer range. Also, we’ve added an AP reduction debuff for nearby enemies to Kamasylve Tree, so you can use the skill more defensively.  


- Explosive Trap (4): Fixed an issue where the duration was incorrectly stated as 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds in the skill description.  

- Twin Fairy Arrow (3): Fixed an issue where HP was reduced when using the skill after it was enhanced.   

We discovered and fixed a bug where the skill enhancement (2% damage increase) of Orwen’s Twin Fairy Arrow (3) was implemented incorrectly causing her to take more incoming damage.  


- Asura Tread (RMB): Changed the skill as follows.  

  > Changed the skill to charge in direction the camera is facing.  (Modified)

  > Fixed an issue where HP was reduced when using the skill after it was enhanced.   

- Sleeve Tangler (2): Increased the damage of the Ultimate Level’s final hit by 20%.  

- Thunder Breaker (3): Changed the skill as follows.  

  > Increased the damage by 7.8%.  

  > Fixed an issue where the casting time reduction effect was not displayed in the skill description when the skill was enhanced.  

  > Fixed an issue where using Thunder Breaker (3) would be slower when the skill was enhanced by Golden Gate (4).   

- Fixed skill descriptions affected by Golden Gate (4) to be clearer about damage.  

- Golden Gate (4): Adjusted the skill as follows.  

  > Fixed an issue where using the skill after it was enhanced would not change the AP and DP numbers even though the enhancement would take effect.  

  > Fixed an issue where using Golden Gate (4) with 2 Gates active without any stamina caused the 2 Gates to be maintained instead of 3 Gates taking effect.  


While we wanted to slightly raise Badal’s skill damage instead of reducing his combo length, we felt he was too weak in his current state, so we’ve somewhat restored the damage of Thunder Breaker with today’s update. We’ve also increased the damage of Sleeve Tangler’s 3rd hit (only Ultimate Level) to make it be usable as a combo finisher.


- Increased the stamina consumed when rolling in Patience Stance  

  > The stamina consumed while rolling in Courage Stance remains unchanged.  

- Fixed an issue where falling from a high elevation in Patience Stance caused Venslar to switch to Courage Stance.  

- Switch Stance (RMB): Fixed an issue where the skill enhancement would take effect, but the AP number would not change.  

- Radian Pursuit/Sacred Barrier (2): Fixed an issue where the skill enhancement would take effect, but the DP number would not change.  

- Light’s Judgement (4): Fixed the skill as follows.  

  > Fixed the visual indicator for the skill’s attack to appear more quickly than before.  

  > Fixed an issue where the visual indicator for the skill’s attack was not visible from the opponent’s point of view.  

- Stance Switch (RMB): Fixed the skill description to match the skill’s actual effects.  

  > You can only switch to Patience Stance when Guard Capacity is fully restored.  

  > Added a message stating “You must fully recover your Guard Capacity to use it again.” when trying to switch to Patience Stance (RMB) with insufficient Guard Capacity.  

- Changed the name of “Endurance Stance” to “Patience Stance”. 

The reason we originally had rolling in Patience Stance consume a different amount stamina compared to other Heroes was to highlight its defensive characteristic, but we felt it was too excessive now, so we’ve adjusted the stamina consumed to be the same as other Heroes.   


- Fixed an issue where stamina would sometimes not be consumed when attacking immediately after crouching without any stamina.   

Wing Breaker (2): The Ultimate Level’s second -20% movement speed reduction was removed and changed to a 2 second cooldown reduction.     

- Dragon Impaler (4): Changed the Ultimate Level of the skill to maintain the Super Armor while Tagahl gathers his strength.  

The original Ultimate Level of Wing Breaker was meant to help you chase down enemies after blowing them away, but it was somewhat so-so since most players combo’d it with Dragon Impaler, so we’ve changed it to lower the cooldown instead.  

Dragon Impaler’s Ultimate Level was meant to counter enemy attacks, but it was difficult to use as the Super Armor duration was too short. That’s why we’ve expanded the Super Armor time to cover Tagahl when he gathers strength to make him more of a threat or more easily counterattack.  


- Orchid’s Dance (RMB): Adjusted the skill as follows.  

  > Increased the casting speed of the first hit by 20%.  

  > Added a Stiffness Super Armor effect.  

- Winter Petal (1): Fixed an issue where hitting an enemy from a certain range caused the damage to be higher than what is described in the skill description.  

- Hell Flower (2): Fixed an issue where using the skill on an enemy at close-range caused them to be moved to the side.   

- Fixed an issue where the Crescent Pendulum would look abnormal during certain actions.  

- Fixed an issue where the animation for looting items looked unnatural.  

- Nimbus Stride (4): Changed to no longer allow you to equip gear or combine items while using the skill.  

- Nimbus Stride (4): Fixed an issue where hitting an enemy close to a wall would sometimes cause no damage to be inflicted.  

Death’s Crossing (3): The Ultimate Level’s Stiffness Super Armor effect was removed, and the skill’s attack speed was increased by approximately 25%.    

- Nimbus Stride (4): The Ultimate Level’s increased travel distance effect was removed and a 30% increase for turn speed effect while moving was added. 

Due to Lahn’s impressive movement skills and unique inherent skills, her damage numbers were set on the lower-end. However, we believe that we’ve set her combat potential too low, so we made changes to increase the usability of Orchid’s Dance (RMB) and make her a little stronger in head-to-heads.   


■ King of the Hill  

- Adjusted the waiting time for the game to begin after matchmaking from 1 minute to 30 seconds.  

- Adjusted the countdown for duels from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.  

- Fixed an issue where Explosive Traps set by the Hero Orwen would remain after the round ends.  

- Fixed an issue where the countdown UI looked unnatural.  

- Fixed an issue where the remaining time of a duel was displayed as 3 minutes and 1 second.  

- HP and skill cooldowns will now reset once a duel ends.  

- Fixed an issue where the winner of the duel could not revive if they died to bleeding damage.  

We felt that the time for duel preparations took too long once a match begun after matchmaking, so we’ve adjusted the overall timers of countdowns.  



■ Fixes and Improvements  

- Fixed an issue where the tier icon’s background did not appear properly at lower resolutions.   

- Increased the silver earned for cheering a player in spectator mode when that player defeats another player or achieves 1st place by 5 times.  

- Fixed an issue where the buff detail screen did not disappear before going to the lobby If you were viewing the screen when the results screen appears.  

- The item description window will now disappear if you press ESC while viewing the item description of an item enclosed in a mail.  

- Game modes will now all be activated when logging in with a new account.  

- Changed the standard graphic setting to low.  

- Added an informational message for the Clan game button.   

- Added the ability to use the Q key to cheer a player while the mouse cursor is not activated when spectating them.  

- Fixed an issue where the combo guide would appear when entering a match in spectator mode.  

- Fixed an issue where the LOSE text in King of the Hill was displayed in the Korean language.  



■ Notice for the End of Beta Season Round 1  

- July 23rd is the date for the next planned update and the day when the 1st round of the Beta Season will come to an end.  

- The 1st round scores will be reset.  

- You can get Titles as rewards depending on your final scores of the 1st round. At the end of the Beta Season, you will receive additional season rewards based on the highest tier you achieve for each round. 



Thank you.




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