Dev Notes [Dev Note] Preparing for the 2nd Round
ShadowArena 2020-07-17 15:30 (UTC+9)





This is the Lead Producer of Shadow Arena, “Byulbram,” Kwangsam Kim. Before we begin, I want to express my gratitude for the love and support you’ve shown Shadow Arena.  


To think it has already been 2 months since the start of Early Access on May 21st. Moreover, the 1st round of the Beta Season comes to an end with next week’s maintenance on July 23rd.  


During the 1st round, we focused on fine-tuning the game’s systems. There were many changes during those two months, and some inconveniences as well. However, thanks to your trust and support, we’ve been able to continue to make improvements, and this has resulted in quite a lot of fixes to the game. Nevertheless, there still remains many improvements for us to make, in particular, we ended up having to leave things that could have major changes to the game for the 2nd round.  


Now it’s time to finally talk about the 2nd round itself.  


At the end of the 1st round, everyone’s ranking/scores will reset, and ranking will start over from the beginning. (You’ll of course keep the results you’ve earned in the 1st round, and at the end of the Beta Season, the best tier you achieve over the course of all the rounds will be recorded as your final results for the Beta Season.) As we watched over the 1st round, we couldn’t help but think that 2 months for one round was long. Additionally, we felt that the current ranking structure, which is based simply on points, makes it too difficult to advance rankings early on and leaves the goal of playing for the next tier far too simple.   


That’s why we will be reducing the duration of the 2nd round to a month

(1 month might be a bit too short, so if we feel 1 month is too short at the end of the 2nd round, we will extend the duration of the next round to find a more appropriate length of time. You might feel this approach to be somewhat fickle and inconsistent, but we believe the Early Access is the best time to try different things and find out what’s best for the game before the official launch.)      


Number two, the tier promotion system will change with the 2nd round.  

The method of a shared ranking point as a basis for assessing both ranking and tiers like in the 1st round will no longer be used. We will change it to a form that sets promotion points for achieving each tier and these points will go up or down depending on the match results, which will determine whether you are promoted or demoted. We’ve been waiting for the 2nd round to implement these kinds of changes, since we couldn’t include them during the 1st round.  


Beyond this, we’ve also decided upon several directions for the inner workings of the game for after the 2nd round.    


First off, we want to revise the systems and tactics in connection with the game’s rules to make them easier to understand. For instance, the rules regarding the Ancient Altars and bosses were too muddled and complicated. As a result, we had to change these systems by making them easier to understand, but at the same time ensure they are a good strategical direction for the game. This update implemented on July 16 is meant to be in preparation for the 2nd round.   


Next up is combat, among this was the game flow’s overreliance on combos and control skill that we want to change to give more possibilities for diverse and tactical playstyles. Thus, we’ve been gradually reducing the dependence on combos over the past couple of weeks and are in the midst of changing it towards mind games/psychological warfare.  


And starting with the 2nd round, we’re preparing tons of content including a tournament mode and other new game modes. Of course, we’ll continue to release new Heroes at the same rate as now. The Shadow Arena team is doing its best in order to maintain our update speed. The biggest support for us is our players’ interest and enjoyment of the game, and we will continue to work hard with your feedback and love as our foundation and starting point, thank you!   


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