Dev Notes [Dev Note] Gorgath Guide
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"Earthen Guardian" - Year 252


Gorgath grew up in the backstreets of Calpheon.

During his youth, he came across the Earth Element and obtained the Earth Stone.

This immense power garnered him much fame in the streets.

However, Gorgath meets the legendary alchemist Caphras and changed his life.



| Difficulty




| Combat Style 

Gorgath fights by taking control of battle spots by constantly summoning rocks.

Gorgath seizes the upper hand in battles regardless of the attack range with his skills.

He can throw rocks to enemies in distance and control nearby rocks when an enemy approaches the region he has dominated, inflicting damage over time.

Also, his combat style is quite flexible as he can utilize items made randomly through Alchemy at a fixed rate as he grows.

However, as he has relatively less powerful skill combos where the skills do not have Super Armor and Defense effects, he can be vulnerable to charge attacks if no rock is summoned already.

Therefore, It is important to take control of the battlefield before starting a fight.



| Skills

[RMB] Earth Alchemy Stone
Explode earth's energy to create a rock. The rock will remain for 15 sec and explode on the spot if Rock Manipulation is not used.
[Q] Rock Manipulation
Manipulate rocks within 20M range and shoot them to the opponent. If the opponent is on guard, guard gauge is less consumed. Ignore DP, HP Recovery per hit, and Back Attack Damage buffs are not applied to this skill.
[E] Rockwind
Wirlwind forms around Gorgath and his rocks, increasing his defense and giving continuous damage to enemies nearby. Deal extra damage to Monsters.
[R] Forbidden Alchemy
Create a mysterious alchemy tool. Activating the tool will attract monsters within 25m. The tool takes 4 sec to finish creating a random item.