Updates [Update] 7/28 Maintenance Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-07-28 17:07 (UTC+9)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.     


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on July 28 (Tue).      


* Patch Size: 213.2 MB (Approx.)  


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!     



■ Monitoring System for Official Tournaments 

- Added a system for monitoring official tournaments/competitive events.  


■ Heroes 



- Fixed an issue where you could not inflict damage with Basic Attacks, Sprint Attacks, and Crater Shock (F) to an opponent with their back against a wall.   


- Earth Alchemy Stone (RMB): Adjusted the skill as follows.  

  > Added a debuff “Alchemy Overload” that will be applied to the caster upon using the skill. Using Earth Alchemy Stone while this debuff is active will reduce Gorgath’s HP by 500. However, his HP will not be reduced if he is at 900 HP or under.    

  > Reduced the HP of created rocks from 10,200 to 5,000.  

- Rock Manipulation (1): Adjusted the skill as follows.  

  > Reduced the rock’s explosion area for level 1–3 from 2.3m to 2m. 

  > Reduced the rock’s explosion area for the Ultimate Level from 3m to 2.6m.   


- Rockwind (3): Adjusted the skill as follows.  

  > Reduced the duration of the rock whirlwind created around Gorgath from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.   

  > Changed the duration of the rock whirlwind for nearby rocks to 8 seconds.  

  > Reduced the continuous damage of Rockwind by 16.7%.  


- Forbidden Alchemy (4): Adjusted the skill as follows.  

  > Reduced the time to perform another action by 0.8 seconds.  

  > Reduced the duration time of the AP and DP buff that was obtainable by using the skill from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.  

  > Changed the alchemy completion time of all levels to 7 seconds.  

   # Level 1: Before 10 sec. → After 7 sec.  

   # Level 2: 7 sec. (Same as before)  

   # Level 3 and Ultimate Level: Before 4 sec. → After 7 sec.  

  > Changed the alchemy tool and nearby created rocks to explode once the alchemy is finished. Gorgath can also take damage from the exploding alchemy tool, and deaths caused by this explosion will be credited as a kill to the alchemy tool instead of a Hero.    

   # Level 1: 300 Fixed Damage, 4m Explosion Area, 2 sec. Stun  

   # Level 2: 600 Fixed Damage, 4m Explosion Area, 2 sec. Stun 

   # Level 3: 900 Fixed Damage, 4m Explosion Area, 2 sec. Stun 

   # Ultimate Level: 1200 Fixed Damage, 4m Explosion Area, 2 sec. Stun 


Gorgath was designed to be strong against melee Heroes, but it was far too extreme. Additionally, he would try to extend fights for far too long. 

Therefore, we made a number of adjustments and added some interesting changes. 


First off, Earth Alchemy Stone (RMB) was too effective against melee Heroes. It had a short cooldown, involved little risk, and led to prolonged battles where he just waited for his opponent to attack first. So, it was changed to reduce Gorgath’s HP when used consecutively to prevent him from spamming it. 


We also reduced the duration and damage of Rockwind (3), as this skill gave Gorgath a clear advantage over melee Heroes since it made it difficult for them to fight Gorgath in close quarters.  


Finally, we somewhat changed the properties of Gorgath’s most unique skill, Forbidden Alchemy (4). Now, the “dangerous” alchemy tool will explode after seven seconds at all levels. This explosion will damage and stun all Heroes, summoned rocks, and even Gorgath himself if they are within 4m of the tool    


This opens the possibility of other players stealing the created item, but also enables it to be used in combat. 


We also did notice that the buffs from the Ultimate skill level Forbidden Alchemy were too strong at times. So, their duration was decreased. 


■ Fixes and Improvements 

- Fixed an issue where you could not obtain items from Ruins Golems.  

- Lightstones will no longer be obtainable from all monsters.  

- Fixed an issue where specters would sometimes not be spawned when a Jump Gate was activated.  



Thank you


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