Updates [Update] August 8 (Sat) Maintenance Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-08-08 01:00 (UTC+0)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on August 8, 2020 (Sat).

* Patch Size: 8.17 MB (Approx.)


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!


We’ve made improvements for a server instability issue after the August 6th update. We had delayed changes for the start of round 2 and implemented them in one update, but we discovered some issues and decided to include some balance adjustments with the bug fixes today.


- Shield of Heidel (RMB): Changed the skill to no longer consume stamina when moving while using the skill.

- Shield of Heidel (RMB): Fixed an issue where stamina was not consumed when attacked while moving with the skill active.

- Shield of Heidel (RMB): Reduced the stamina consumed when attacked while using the skill from 15% to 10%.

It seems the guard nerf was too harsh, so we adjusted the skill to no longer consume stamina while moving and to consume less stamina when being attacked. We also fixed an issue where stamina wasn’t being consumed when attacked while moving with the shield up.


- Fixed an issue where Kick (F) would sometimes not inflict the Knockdown effect on an opponent.


- Natural Marksman (RMB), Twin Fairy Arrow (3): Reduced skills’ stamina consumption by 50%.

The reason Orwen’s arrow shots were originally heavily limited by stamina was because her shots had a Stiffness effect that could restrict an opponent's actions. However, since this ability to restrict an opponent was removed, there was no need to keep such a limit on stamina any longer. As a result, we’ve reduced the stamina consumption of her arrow skills by 50%.


- Fairy Flame (RMB): Fixed an issue where the skill could be used consecutively at a fast rate if used at a different direction from your movement direction
- Fixed an issue where the Stun would sometimes not take effect immediately after Freezing is released.



- Fixed an issue where Venslar could not perform an action for 0.3 seconds when attacked in Patience Stance.

- Changed the amount of stamina consumed when attacked in Patience Stance from 15% to 10%.


- Dragon Slash (3): Fixed an issue where the Ultimate Level of the skill dealt an abnormal amount of damage.

> The damage dealt now will be the same as what is stated in the skill description.



■ Item

- Fixed an issue where the visual effect and the actual radius of the Red Dragon’s attack differed.

- Changed the damage radius of the Red Dragon’s attack as follows.
> Damage Radius: Changed from 25m to 38m
> Increased the damage dealt in the original 25m radius by 14.3%
> The damage dealt in the additional 25m – 38m radius is reduced by 16.7% compared to the original damage.
- Fixed an issue where the Red Dragon sometimes flies past the attack point and disappears.


We discovered that the actual size of the Red Dragon’s attack was significantly smaller than the visual effect. From now on, the Red Dragon’s fire breath will deal damage in a very wide range, just like the visual effect. But you will take less damage if you stay at the edge of the attack.


Thank you.



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