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Cursed Wanderer - Year 217 


A female warrior calling herself "Igrid" appeared at Terrmian Beach and attacked the worshipers at the Altar of Agris to steal their flame. People feared that she was the cursed warrior mentioned in ancient legend. The cursed warrior that was to wander after losing her god's flame.






Combat Style 

Igrid wields her mighty Battle Axe and Shield, which enables her to use offensive and defensive skills. Her shield can block enemy attacks then counter them with an attack of its own. She can leap into the air and knock down her foes, or just sprint up to a prey to grab then slam them down. However, her attacks are either slow or use HP as a resource. Therefore, it's absolutely crucial to time her skills right.


Inherent Skills 

Shield of Revenge 
Block attacks from the frontWhen an attack is blockedthe shield will shoot out lightningHold the button to keep the shield up while moving.

Charge forward quickly to grab your enemy then leap up into the air and smash their face on the ground. 

(Ultimate Level EffectIncrease Movement Distance +50%)  

Volcanic Leap 
Swing up with the Battle Axe to send your enemies flyingIf the swing hitsshe will jump into the air and slam down with the axe to damage everyone in the areaShe also has Super Armor while in the air. 

(Ultimate Level EffectInvincible while in the air) 

Thunder Strike 
Shock nearby foes while gathering the power of lightningthen slam the axe forwardBreak their guard and deal huge damage on impact. 

(Ultimate Level EffectDoubles the range of the smash attack) 

Altar Destroyer 
Charge up then smash down the axe with both handsIt's a slowbut it deals a ton of damage and knocks down everyone in the area. 

(Ultimate Level Effect: LMB while attacking to take an extra step forward.)


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