Dev Notes [Dev Note] Preparing for the 3rd Round
ShadowArena 2020-08-18 05:40 (UTC+0)





This is the Lead Producer of Shadow Arena, “Byulbram,” Kwangsam Kim. 


We're already nearing the end of the month-long Beta Season Round 2 that is scheduled from July 23rd until August 20th. Compared to the 1st Round which ran for 2 months, the 2nd was given a shorter time period for us to examine the new ranking/tier systems and quickly make changes if necessary before the next stage. 


After all, it would be unfortunate if the round kept going with unreasonable rules/format due to somewhat critical issues to the new systems. Luckily, we confirmed that the new ranking/tier system of the 2nd round worked as intended and I believe it is time for us to implement the next new system that we’ve been planning. 


Enter the “Rival System”.  

In a ranked match with the “Rival System”, a player with the most similar skill level as you will be automatically designated as your rival. When you perform better than your rival, you can earn bonus ranking points in addition to the ranking points you obtain from the match. 


This system gives players a chance to keep earning ranking points even if they don't get 1st place in a match and compete against other players at a similar skill level. Of course, you'll still be able to get ranking points based on your match ranking/kills, while the additional rewards for your performance against your rival will be included in the calculations for tier points you earn. 


There is a chance that this Rival System may encourage passive playstyle, so we have added a few additional rules. For example, the game will now let you know if your designated rival is nearby, so you can earn more points by finding and defeating them. However, this Rival system will only apply to ranked match players and will not apply to normal match players. 


It is true that we do have some concerns with the implementation of this new system. Some unexpected issues may arise, but more importantly, our players may view it unfavorably.  


That's why we're going to have a week-long test period before the start of Round 3. The ranking rewards of the 2nd round will still be based on the rankings as of August 20 maintenance, but the ranking points/ranks will be kept for an additional week while testing the new Rival System until they will be reset at the August 27th maintenance with the official start of the 3rd Round. (Any ranking point changes between August 20th and August 27th maintenance will not be reflected and rendered null.


If there are no critical issues and everyone is welcoming of this new system, we plan to start the 3rd round with the Rival System on August 27th. 


There are also many other changes planned for the 3rd round. We expect to either make some rule changes to encourage different kinds of playstyles or a couple of other important adjustments from August 20th onward to polish the game further. Additionally, we're even preparing new content such as a "5v5 mode" and "deathmatch" mode. Besides everything above, we're also preparing a tutorial for beginners and a replay mode where you can save and share your matches to help you get better, which we expect to release soon. 


We hope you continue to look forward and support us for the upcoming 3rd round! 

Thank you.


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