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Sura of the Six Blades – Year 237 

There was once a feared swordsman known only by the name "Sura." At the end of a bloody war, he left everything behind to begin his life anew as a vagabond. Concealed by a bamboo hat, he atoned for his past atrocities by helping people in need. Once he grew old, it was told all of his skills were passed down to his pupil. 







Combat Style 

Sura wields the Sura Katanas and Kunai. His skills are based around quickdraw techniques with his katanas as he constantly switches forms to cut through his enemies. He gets a buff for each of his skills, which gives him access to five skills with his inherent skill "Sixth Blade: Free-Form". He uses precise, ruthless techniques for head-on strikes, attacks from behind, or to effortlessly dodge incoming blows. He does, however, fall behind in defensive prowess compared to other Heroes. He is able to offset this by recovering HP as he sheaths his katanas. 


Inherent Skills 

Sixth Blade: Free-Form 

Sura takes out his sixth blade to use with the Forms from each of his other skills. Each form's damage is affected by the skill level of that skill, and the form disappears when the inherent skill is used. Each prepared Form skill can only be used once, and you must prepare a Form skill again if you wish to use it again. 


Basic: Take out the katana on the shoulder to cut enemies down. Then press LMB and RMB multiple times to perform powerful basic attacks. 

There are different forms for each skill as listed below and you can press RMB to use the Form skills. 

*Note: You cannot switch to a different Form skill when a Form skill is already prepared.  


1st skill: Whirlwind: Spin on the spot to create wind in the area and float enemies. 

2nd skill: Haze: Evade to the left then turn around to stab and stun enemies. 

3rd skill: Shooting Star: Draw the katana quickly to cut enemies and send them flying. 

4th skill: Blizzard: Stab constantly while quickly running, then press LMB for the final blow.


First Blade: Rushing Gale 

Charge forward in an instant while attacking enemies. If the attack hits, dash past the enemy while slashing them. If no other form is available, then Form: [Whirlwind] will be applied. 


(Ultimate Level Effects: 

Travel range of First Blade: Rushing Gale is increased by 30% 

Attack range of Whirlwind is increased by 50%.) 



Second Blade: Countercurrent 

Strike upwards to guard break and knock enemies back. If no other form is available, then Form:[Haze] will be applied. 


(Ultimate Level Effects:  

Damage of Second Blade: Countercurrent is increased. 

Damage of Haze is increased, and stun duration is increased by 1 second.)



Third Blade: Searing Flash 

Draw the katana quickly and slash the enemy, then cut the space in front to send them flying. If no other form is available, then Form: [Shooting Star] will be applied. 


(Ultimate Level Effects:   

Attack range of Third Blade: Searing Flash is increased by 50% 

Attack range of Shooting Star is increased by 50%)



Fourth Blade: Demon Rend 

Switch to a raised sword stance and focus energy on the katana for a powerful swing. Able to move while focusing. If no other form is available, then Form: [Blizzard] will be applied. 


(Ultimate Level Effects:   

Guard is applied while attacking with Fourth Blade: Demon Rend.  

Travel range of Blizzard is increased by 50%.)



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