Dev Notes [Dev Note] Jordine Ducas Guide
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A young warrior trained in swordsmanship by Cliff, the hero of Serendia. At the age of 20,

he became famous for his great achievement in the Calpheon-Heidel War.


Later he got engaged to the princess of Heidel and was appointed as the Grand Chamberlain. 

However in year 285, he attempted to rebel against Calpheon but failed, and his whereabouts are unknown since then.



| Difficulty



| Combat Style

Jordine Ducas has a good balance of offensive and defensive skills using his sword and shield.  

Using his “Shield of Heidel” skill, he could defend the opponent’s attack and increase the DP of nearby party members to increase the stability of party members. 


He has many CC effects within skills, so he could guard party members in danger or threaten enemies by creating a CC effect through pre-emptive attacks. 

His attack speed is slower than others so his offensive skills should be made at the right timing after defending the enemy’s attack. 


| Skills

[RMBShield of Heidel


Hold your shield up in front to block all enemy attacks and debuffsIncrease DP of all allies nearbyYou are able to move with the shield up. 


 [Q] Shield Charge 

Charge forward quickly while holding up your shield to knockback the enemies. 

 [E] Spinning Slash

Hold the sword with two hands, slash it down hard and blow off the eneHold the sword with two hands, slash it down hard and blow off the enemy.

 [R] Formation Break

Leap into the air then slam down with the sword to cause a shockwave and knockup enemies. Resists all CC while leaping.